LDraw.org Standards: Rules and procedures for the Official Model Repository

Maintained by: The LDraw.org Steering Committee
Writers: Willy Tschager
Revision: 1.0, 27 Jan 2016

  • The OMR located at omr.ldraw.org is linked from the homepage via a link named "Models"
  • The OMR is named "official" because it contains only LDraw replicas of sets (and their submodels) released by the LEGO Group. MOCs or fixes/changes to official models must not be uploaded.
  • The OMR hosts the actual LDraw file. Links to external model files aren't allowed.
  • The OMR hosts only models that are in line with the LDraw.org Contributor Agreement and contain the "0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt" statement.
  • The models must respect the Official Model Repository (OMR) Specification Version 1.0.3. It is at the OMR-admins (or anybody else) discretion to "OMRize" models in case they don't - granted that they obey to the LDraw.org Contributor Agreement.
  • All file manipulations are handled by the OMR-admin. There is no submission through users.
  • The user (Model author) uploads the model to the LDraw forum and if there was a public discussion the admin mirrors it to the OMR 7 days (or later) after the last post in this discussion. For the event there hasn't been any discussion the upload should be done 7 days (or later) after the initial post. After the upload is done, the model file shall be deleted, so that the forum doesn't clutter that mutch.
  • Updates of files made after the first official release should get a history line, which states the date, author and a short description of the change.
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