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"LDraw is a popular system of free software tools for modeling Lego creations in 3D on a computer. The LDraw file format and original program were written by James Jessiman. He also modeled many of the original parts in the parts library that is central to the programs and is under continuous maintenance and extension by the LDraw community. In 1997, Jessiman died. Since then, a variety of programs have been written that use the LDraw parts library, and file format."

Volunteer Structure is a completely volunteer organization. It relies on the contributions of community members to function and advance. volunteers serve on the Steering Committee, content team, parts library administration and other subgroups that allow to function.

The LDraw Organization

In Feburary 2004, an LDraw community vote was held to ratify the Bylaws drafts. The vote was concluded on February 26, 2004, and the bylaws were ratified with a final vote of 52-4. This decisive move by members of a loosely organized internet community ushered in a democratic framework for governance which did not exist prior.

The LDraw Organization is governed under the following documents:

  1. Bylaws
  2. Policies And Procedures
  3. Standards Board Charter

Government Structure

The organization is governed by the Steering Committee, a five-member board elected annually by the members of the organization.

Focused committees work underneath the Steering Committee as caretakers of the organization's resources. Standards Committee (LSB) - an appointed technical standards board charged with discussing, ratifying, and publishing LDraw file format specifications. See the LSB Charter for more information. The LSB is defined as a Special Interest Group under the Bylaws.

Content managers - are responsible for the creation and maintenance of pages on this site as well as moderating discussions about site planning. They also manage voting for's contests and handle communication within the LDraw community. We are constantly looking for content editors, HTML junkies, programmers, etc who can help out on different sections of the site. You don't have to quit your day job to help us out either - most of the individual tasks we need done can be completed in an evening or two's worth of time. Its a great way to give back to the community for something you got for free as well! If you would like to get involved writing tutorials or software reviews please contact the webmasters for more info.

Parts Library Administrators - organize and release parts updates, and rely on community members who serve as Parts Reviewers to check submitted parts for quality. If you have skills to offer, and would like to get involved with part authoring or reviewing please contact the PT admins for more info. There address can be found below.

The People Behind

As can be seen from the above, it takes a lot of work to run the 4 websites the make up (Main site, Forums, OMR, Wiki, Parts Tracker). These are the volunteers that make possible. Steering Committee (SteerCo)

2021 Steering Committee

Gerald Lasser
Orion Pobursky
Max Martin Richter
Willy Tschager
Philippe Hurbain Standards Board (LSB)

Orion Pobursky
Travis Cobbs
Roland Melkert Administration Team

Lead Web Administrators

Orion Pobursky
Johann Eisner (OMR) Lead Parts Library Administrator

Orion Pobursky
Chris Dee (Library Admin Emeritus)

Administrative Team Members

Gerald Lasser,
Max Martin Richter,
Willy Tschager,
Philippe Hurbain,
Travis Cobbs,
Roland Melkert,
Merlijn Wissink,
Jaco Van Der Molan,
Magnus Forsberg,
Michael Heidemann,
Nil Schmidt,
Santeri Piippo,
Lasse Deleuran

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