Documentation: Rules and Procedures for the Official Model Repository

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Maintained by: Administration Team
Revision: 22-Nov-2023

Revision History:
18-Jun-2020: Initial
22-Nov-2023: Update license requirements

This is an ratified, official document. Non-adminstrative changes can only be made with the approval of the maintainer.

Guidelines for the Operation of the Official Model Repository

  • The OMR located at is linked from the homepage via Downloads->Official Model Repository (OMR).
  • The OMR is named "official" because it contains only LDraw replicas of sets (and their submodels) released by the LEGO Group. MOCs or alterations official models will not be considered.
  • The models will confrom to the Official Model Repository (OMR) Specification. It is at the descretion of the Administration Team or thier respresentatives to "OMRize" submitted models if they do not conform.
  • The OMR will only consider new models that contain the 0 !LICENSE Licensed under CC BY 4.0 : see CAreadme.txt statement ensuring that it is within the guidelines of the Contributor Agreement. All embedded parts will retain the original, unaltered part license line. Legacy and model updates will use 0 !LICENSE Licensed under CC BY 2.0 and CC BY 4.0 : see CAreadme.txt unless it is absolutly certain that the original author has agreed to release the model under the CC BY 4.0 license
  • The OMR will host the actual LDraw file. Links to external model files are not possible.
  • All file uploads, updates, etc. are handled by the the Administration Team. There is currently no mechanism for a model author to manage thier own files.
  • The model author will upload the model to the Forums. Once any discussion regarding the model has finished, the Administration Team will copy the uploaded file to the OMR at thier earliest convenience.
  • Updates of files made after the first official release will contain a !HISTORY line, which states the date, author and a short description of the change. Updates will be posted as a reply to the post of the original version.

Table of Contents

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