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Contest Rules

General Rules For All Entries:

revised 1/12/02

  • One entry per person per contest. You can have one entry in both contests in the same month.
  • Entries must use your own model. You must have express permission to use someone else's model(s).
  • Each entry is for the current month only. If you desire to reenter into the following month, a request must be emailed to me to include your previous entry in the next voting cycle. Please include the word "rollover" in the subject line of the email. A maximum of three months competition per image.
  • Voting will be based on the one image submitted. No linking to additional images will be made.
  • Static images only. No animations allowed.
  • Signing your image: You may, if desired, add a signature/copyright notice on the image in a location you choose. Digital watermarking is also allowed.
  • Landscape orientation entries should be in the preferred size of 800x600 pixels - or close to it.
  • Portrait orientation entries should be in the preferred size of 600x800 pixels - or close to it.
  • Entries should be no more than 150kbytes in size in .jpg or .gif format. JPG is preferred. Remember, jpg is a compression format - experiment a little and squeeze the file down as much as possible. The visual difference between a 150k file and a 75k file is usually insignificant, but the loading time isn't.
  • Each entry email MUST include a TITLE for the entry.
  • Each entry email MUST include a short COMMENT about the entry.
  • Entries can be made using any available rendering method. Such as output from LDraw, LDLite, MLCAD, POV-Ray, 3DSMax, etc. Note that people tend to prefer higher quality renders, so a photorealistic render is advantageous - but not required.
  • Model in an entry must be constructed of Lego®-type pieces. Unofficial or mock-up pieces allowed if they are not yet included in the official part releases.
  • Any rule changes/additions/deletions will be made by staff as necessary.
  • Decisions concerning any entry anomalies that are questionable will be made by staff.
  • Images may not include any represention of the trademark LEGO® brand insignia.
  • Follow applicable rules below for MODEL or SCENE entries.

Specific Rules:

MODEL Entry Rules:

revised 1/12/02

  • Image should contain one main model only. The focus should be on the model.
  • Minifigs may be included as needed. This includes animal figs or plants that may pertain to the model. Keep it simple though. A model of a battering ram could well include a few minifigs as operators - but does not need 300 more as soldiers all around it. Any fig's included should not draw attention away from the model. If it looks too much like a scene, it cannot be in the Model-only contest.
  • Backgrounds should be minimal. Solid color, or a gradient fill is allowed and recommended. The background should look intentionally artificial. No stars or planets etc. No mountains, rivers or snow etc. This is a Model contest, not a background one. Plain, nondescript backgrounds only.
  • Baseplates. Usable only as they pertain to a specific model. Example: A castle or house built on plate/baseplate is allowable. A car/plane/spaceship/etc on a baseplate is NOT. The plate must form part of the integral structure of the model.
  • Viewing angle is whatever one best suites the model. You decide.
  • One Model viewing angle only - no multiple angle shots within the image.
  • Render should contain the rendered model image only - no additional images may be added.
  • Model image should be "as rendered". No postprocessing to add or subtract image data. Alterations only allowed for brightness or contrast if needed. Additionally, conversion to grayscale (black & white) is allowed if that is the way you wish to present the model.
  • Entry email subject line should contain, at a minimum, the words MOTM MODEL ENTRY (capitalization not necessary).

SCENE Entry Rules:

revised 1/12/02

  • More of an "anything goes" format - with some limits.
  • Models in a scene must be rendered - this is not a photography contest.
  • Scenes may contain as many models or minifigs/animals/plants as you desire.
  • Backgrounds can be anything you want to place the model in. It's your scene.
  • Supporting or background scenery can be improvised, generated, or painted as you see fit.
  • Postprocessing is allowed. Adding scene-enhancing effects or text is fine.
  • Entry email subject line should contain, at a minimum, the words MOTM SCENE ENTRY (capitalization not necessary).

Submitting Entries:

Please note that submitting an entry into the Model or Scene Of The Month contest constitutes permission by you for to display and promote the entry. Copyright ownership remains with the author of the entry.

Entries can be emailed to Terry Keller at
Entries must be submitted by the 23rd of the month to be included in the following month's voting. Incomplete or questionable entries may be delayed entry.
Please include the following in addition to the image:

  • Your name & email address (required)
  • Title of the model or scene (required)
  • A short comment about the model or scene (required)
  • Email subject line should reflect which contest you're entering:
    MODEL or SCENE entry (required)

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