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LDraw.org Parts Update 2019-02 - Sep 9, 2019

Release Notes
Total core library files: 790
New core library files: 664
New parts: 572
New subparts: 71
New primitives: 18
New hi-res primitives: 2
New alias parts: 0
Download Links
(graphics-intensive page)
Use this link to download the Windows installer for the complete library.
Use this link if you just want a zip version of the update.
Use this link if you want a zip version of the entire parts library.

Quick links

Get the latest parts

Takes you to the latest official parts update. These parts are tested to be safe and can be used by any and all.

Get all official parts

Allows you to download the entire library in one. These parts are tested to be safe and can be used by any and all.

Get most recent ldconfig.ldr

This file defines the various LDraw colours in a way that matches the reality of LEGO bricks.

Find unofficial parts

These parts have not been fully vetted and may change before a full release. Use with caution.

LDraw.org Parts Tracker

The Parts Tracker is the system we use to submit files to the LDraw.org Part Library.

Other Parts Libraries

Other libraries of parts that work with the LDraw system of tools

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