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Train Track 9V Straight
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0 Train Track  9V Straight
0 Name: 2865.dat
0 Author: Manfred Moolhuysen
0 !LDRAW_ORG Part UPDATE 2004-04
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt


0 !HISTORY 2002-11-29 [ludo] Co-authore
0 !HISTORY 2002-11-30 [PTadmin] Official Update 2002-05
0 !HISTORY 2002-12-23 [ludo] Moved studs from subparts to have stud-logos aligned correctly
0 !HISTORY 2004-11-06 [PTadmin] Official Update 2004-04
0 !HISTORY 2007-05-20 [PTadmin] Replaced box3#8p references with box3u8p
0 !HISTORY 2007-05-20 [PTadmin] Header formatted for Contributor Agreement
0 !HISTORY 2008-07-01 [PTadmin] Official Update 2008-01
p/rect.dat: Rectangle
p/box3u8p.dat: Box with 3 Faces and 4 Parallel Edges
parts/s/2865s02.dat: ~Train Track 9V Sleeper Centre Section without Hole
parts/s/2865s01.dat: ~Train Track 9V Sleeper Centre Section with Hole
parts/s/2865s03.dat: ~Train Track 9V Sleeper Side Section
parts/s/2865s05.dat: ~Train Track 9V Straight Metal Rails
parts/s/2865s06.dat: ~Train Track 9V Metal Rail Interlocking End
parts/s/2865s04.dat: ~Train Track 9V Sleeper Interlocking End Section