Posting a Review

Also see the Reviewing Parts FAQ page.

Use the reviews page to submit reviews of unofficial part files. This is commonly known as 'voting' for a part, although it's different from what you might think of a voting process. First, it's not a secret ballot: please, read what the other reviewers have written about the part already! Second, you can revote. As many times as you want. Finally, no matter how many 'yes' reviews are posted for a part, it only takes one 'hold' review to stop the part from being released.

You have to be authorized to post reviews. If you think you are or should be a reviewer, but don't know how to login, contact the parts library administrator.

Even if you aren't an authorized reviewer, please look the parts over, and let us know about any problems you see.

Reviews are mostly used to record short comments and certifications. If you've got a lot to say about changes the part needs, you might send a private message to the file's author through the LDraw Forums. A list of the LDraw Part Authors can be found here or you can click on the author's username on the part detail page. Alternatively, you can post your comments on the LDraw Forums, or email the parts library administrator. If you do this, please leave a note in your review to say that you had some issues and have sent a private message to the author.

Here's a link to the review form. Generally, it's better to start a review by going to the part's detail page, and using the "Post a Review" link to get the review form.

The fields on the review form are:

Reviewer This is you. This will already be filled in, and you can't change it.
File The path/filename for the part your're reviewing. You can change this value if you want, but it must point to an existing file, with the correct path. And it must include the parts/ or p/ directory on the front.
Certify This is where you get to indicate whether you think the part is ready for release or not. You can choose 'Yes', 'No' or 'Abstain'. Whichever you pick, it will override your prior vote for the part. Even if you pick 'I'm not ready to vote right now'.
Comments The comments field is used to leave notes and communicate with the part author, other reviewers and the admins. If you vote 'no' for a part, it's a good idea to put leave comments explaining why. If you've only checked some aspects of a part, you can leave notes about what you checked and how it looked. A comment is required when posting a "Hold" vote.

Once you post your review, the results should appear in the parts tracker within 10 minutes.