Parts Tracker Policies

Policies for users of the Parts Tracker.

Fixing other people's parts

For new parts (not fixes), you should always contact the author and ask his/her permission before changing his/her part. Respect and honor other peoples work. Give them a chance to look and correct their mistakes. This puts especially the newbies in a position where they can improve their skills. If you do not have an email address for a particular author, the admins can help put you in contact.
If an author is open to anyone making changes to his/her parts, especially if he plans on not working on a file any more he/she should put a note when he/she submits the part. A simple: "Anyone can make changes to this part" or "I've done all I can with it, anyone else is welcome to work on it" is all that is needed.
Once a part is released in the official parts library it is generally considered "fair game" for anyone to improve. Likewise, if someone makes a relatively small change to an official part (like BFCing it), other people should feel free to make other fixes to it.
New parts (and fixes) with a hold vote, which haven't been fixed within three months are open to anyone. Grab it and fix it right away without asking permission. The author has got the chance to respond to a hold vote, and if he hasn't, at least he has had his chance to either correct the part or defend its correctness. On the other side it gives the community the opportunity to work the queue of held parts.

Posting new parts created by other authors

Please don't do this. Only authors who have affirmed the Contributor Agreement have the privileges to submit to the Parts Tracker. If you submit someone else's work we have no way of knowing whether that author is happy for the part to be redistributed under the terms of the CCAL license.

Removing files from the Parts Tracker

The Parts Tracker does not currently have a web interface to support this. Please email the admins to have this done.
Hold the file with a comment to indicate to other users that deletion has been requested.
Please don't resubmit the file with a modified description including the word 'deletable' - that probably will not get noticed by the admins.

Submiting parts of unknown number

If you don't know the official number for a part please don't submit it with an invented name of you own. This causes additional unnecessary work for the admins, especially if there are subfiles involved. Email the admins for an available LDraw Unnnn number.
If a part is shown on peeron, and the peeron Xnnn number does not conflict with an xxx.dat file in the official library, you may use the peeron number substituting a "U" for the "X".

Chris Dee for the LDraw Steering Committee - Updated 02 September 2011