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Time (GMT)ActionFileTitleUserOther InformationCurrent Status
2021-07-31submitp/clip1.datVertical Clip for FlagsMagFors
(proxy: cwdee)
no comments (F)
2012-02-25reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagscwdeecertify no comments (F)
2012-02-25reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for FlagsMagForscertify no comments (F)
2012-02-24reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for FlagsSteffencertify no comments (F)
2012-02-24submitp/clip1.datVertical Clip for FlagsPhilo
(proxy: cwdee)
no comments (F)
2004-09-15releasep/clip1.datVertical Clip for FlagsUpdate 2004-03 (F)
2004-05-14reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagssblisscertify no comments (F)
2004-05-13reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for FlagsBrickCastercertify with comments (F)
2004-04-10reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagsbbroichcertify no comments (F)
2004-04-09reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagsfwcaincertify no comments (F)
2004-04-09submitp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagsmkennedywith comments (F)
2004-04-09voteoverturnp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagsbbroich=hold ; fwcain=certify ; westrate=novote (F)
2004-04-09reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagsbbroichhold with comments (F)
2004-03-31reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagswestratenovote with comments (F)
2004-03-25reviewp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagsfwcaincertify no comments (F)
2004-03-19submitp/clip1.datVertical Clip for Flagsmkennedyno comments (F)