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Time (GMT)ActionFileTitleUserOther InformationCurrent Status
2020-04-25reviewp/3-8stud4.datStud Tube Open 0.375cwdeecertify no comments (ACCN)
2019-12-21reviewp/3-8stud4.datStud Tube Open 0.375URcertify no comments (ACCN)
2016-11-07reviewp/3-8stud4.datStud Tube Open 0.375MagForscertify no comments (ACCN)
2016-11-05submitp/3-8stud4.datStud Tube Open 0.375Sirio with comments (ACCN)
2016-11-05voteoverturnp/3-8stud4.datStud Tube Open 0.375MagFors=hold (ACCN)
2016-10-30reviewp/3-8stud4.datStud Tube Open 0.375MagForshold with comments (ACCN)
2016-10-01submitp/3-8stud4.datStud Tube Open 0.375Sirio no comments (ACCN)