Parts Tracker File Scan
Matched 21 files in the LDraw Parts Tracker unofficial parts library:
FileTitleCurrent StatusLinks
parts/168365f.datSticker 3.1 x 17.2 with Yellow Gears on Blue Background and "Classic" LEGO Technic Wording 1 'hold' vote. (HSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/168365fc01.datSticker 3.1 x 17.2 with Yellow Gears on Blue Background and "Classic" LEGO Technic Wording (Formed) 1 'hold' vote. (HSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18913.datBoat Hull Floating 40 x 20 Bottom (Needs Work) 1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18973p02.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with "Ferrari" Logos, Italian Flag and Black and Red Pattern 1 'hold' vote. (HSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/27507p01.datTile 4 x 4 Corner Round with White 'HOGWARTS CASTLE' and Golden Border Pattern 1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/51943.dat~Duplo Train Track Point Rail 1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/87610ps0.datMinifig Helmet Mandalorian with Dark Red Visor, Dark Green Cheeks, Yellow Strokes and Metallic Silver Weathering Pattern 8 subfiles aren't certified. (SSSSSSSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/14181s01.dat~Wing 4 x 9 with Stud Notches Half Needs admin review. (CCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/18675ps5s01.dat~Dish 6 x 6 Inverted - No Studs with Handle with Hatch Pattern Half Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/32533p06s01.dat~Technic Disc 5 x 5 Projectile with Bionicle Onu-Metru Pattern - Inner Half Certified! (ACCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/37695s01.dat~Plant Stem with 3 Leaves with Bar and Pin Holes Leaf Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/41663s01.dat~Technic Shield 5 x 5 with Dual Prongs Half Needs admin review. (CCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/41817s02.dat~Pneumatic Bladder Attachment Ring 1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/44811s01.dat~Technic Bionicle Weapon Kolhii Stick Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/6009194es02.dat~Sticker 1.5 x 0.8 with Headlamp on Black Face - Second Face Needs admin review. (CCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/90462s02pq1.dat~Minifig Headdress Nemes with 11 Stripes Pattern - Background Needs more votes. (F)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/90462s02pq2.dat~Minifig Headdress Nemes with 11 Stripes Pattern - Stripes Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logobugat01.dat~Logo Bugatti Text "Chiron" Needs admin review. (CCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logolambl01.dat~Logo Lamborghini Badge with Outer Box 2 subfiles aren't certified. (SSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logomichi02.dat~Logo Michelin White/Black Bibendum Rinnung with Outher Box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/x899.datBelville Crown Small (Needs work) 1 'hold' vote. (HN)Details[DAT]Events
Matched 40 files in the LDraw official parts library:
p/48/r08o2000.datHi-Res Torus Outside 1 x 2.0000 x 0.125Details[DAT]
parts/14769p0a.datTile 2 x 2 Round with Round Underside Stud with Clock and Roman Numerals PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/15680p01.datFigure Friends Legs with Full Length Skirt with Bright Light Blue Sides and Middle Triangle with Silver Stars PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/22472p01.datFigure Scurrier Body With Jeremy Head PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/30156p01.datPanel 4 x 6 x 6 Sloped with Light Grey Rocks PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3039ph1.datSlope Brick 45 2 x 2 with Sand Green Cash Register PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/30528.datArch 1 x 8 x 6Details[DAT]
parts/3068bpfa.datTile 2 x 2 with Fabuland Ball PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/31625.datDuplo Worm GearDetails[DAT]
parts/32029.dat~Electric Code Pilot Lower Laser ConeDetails[DAT]
parts/32247.datWheel 41mm ZnapDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bpq2.datMinifig Head with Sideburns, Goatee, Beard Stubble, Scar PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bpst.datMinifig Head with SW Tusken Raider PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626cp8l.datMinifig Head Female with Silver Glasses and Pink Lips Smiling PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3816paw.datMinifig Leg Right with Dark Red Loincloth, White Claws and Fur Tail PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3816pq0.datMinifig Leg Right with DarkBlue Loincloth PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3816ps0.datMinifig Leg Right with SW White Leggings PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3817paw.datMinifig Leg Left with Dark Red Loincloth and White Claws PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3960pa0.datDish 4 x 4 Inverted with Black Ghost Face PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3960ph1.datDish 4 x 4 Inverted with Metallic Gold "HOGWARTS EXPRESS" on Red Background and Large White "5972" and "10 A" in Circle PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3961pb0.datDish 8 x 8 Inverted with "TIVAN", "28 MB" and Dark Red Leaf PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/41334.datMinifig Hat Knit CapDetails[DAT]
parts/4515p03.datSlope Brick 10 6 x 8 with Slate Roof PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/4521703a.datSticker 1.1 x 8 with "CARWASH" and Red/Green StripesDetails[DAT]
parts/57899.datMinifig Gun Long BlasterDetails[DAT]
parts/6632.datTechnic Beam 3 x 0.5 LiftarmDetails[DAT]
parts/92241p11.datFigure Friends Girl Torso with White Vest Top with Light Pink and Black Flowers PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/92241p19.datFigure Friends Girl Torso with White Halter Top, Pink Outlined Stars PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973p9h.datMinifig Torso with Pinstripe Vest, Red Tie and Pocket Watch PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/15527s01.dat~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Mouth HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/23800s01.dat~Wheel Rim 42 x 62 with 10 Spokes and 3 Pegholes HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/25975s01.dat~Minifig Acoustic Guitar without Front Surface and NeckDetails[DAT]
parts/s/28981c01s01.dat~Canvas Hammock Oval 10 x 5 Half (Formed)Details[DAT]
parts/s/32021s01.dat~Electric Code Pilot Cover without Patternable AreasDetails[DAT]
parts/s/64651s01.dat~Boat Base 13 x 16 Stern / Bow HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6582b.dat~Wheel Rim 20 x 33 with 6 Pinholes - 1/4 of Inner StructureDetails[DAT]
parts/s/90462s02pq1.dat~Minifig Headdress Nemes with 11 Stripes Pattern - BackgroundDetails[DAT]Updated unofficial version
parts/u606.datFabuland BasketDetails[DAT]
parts/u66p01c02.datSheet Plastic 6 x 12 Triangular with Blue and Red Triangles and Blue Lines Pattern (Formed Shape 2)Details[DAT]
parts/u9211c01.dat~Spring Shooter 1 x 4 x 1 Spring (Compressed)Details[DAT]