Parts Tracker File Scan
Matched 21 files in the LDraw Parts Tracker unofficial parts library:
FileTitleCurrent StatusLinks
p/48/t08o0100.datHi-Res Torus Outside 1 x 0.0100 x 0.125 Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
p/48/tm06o8000.datMixed-Mode Torus Outer 1 x 0.8000 x 0.1667 Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18973p02.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with "Ferrari" Logos, Italian Flag and Black and Red Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18973p06d01.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with Bugatti "Chiron" Roof Pattern and Stickers 3 subfiles aren't certified. (SSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/27507p01.datTile 4 x 4 Corner Round with White 'HOGWARTS CASTLE' and Golden Border Pattern 1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/3069bdy0.datTile 1 x 2 with Bugatti "Chiron" Sticker 1 subfile isn't certified. (CSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/4201018d.datSticker 2.6 x 3.8 with Schedule and 'ARRIVALS' Pattern Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/4201018e.datSticker 2.6 x 3.8 with Schedule and 'DEPARTURES' Pattern Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/47846.datCockpit 4 x 10 x 2 Curved 1 subfile isn't certified. (CSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/6177949b.datSticker 0.8 x 1.8 Bugatti "Chiron" Logo 1 subfile isn't certified. (CCSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/6177949c.datSticker 1.5 x 4.0 for Bugatti Windscreen Left Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/6177949d.datSticker 1.5 x 4.0 for Bugatti Windscreen Right 1 subfile isn't certified. (CSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/3068bpf0s01.dat~Pattern for Tile 2 x 2 with 4 Flowers on LtGreen/Green Leaves - Leaves and Flower Outlines Portion Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/3068bpf0s03.dat~Pattern for Tile 2 x 2 with 4 Flowers on LtGreen/Green Leaves - Flower Centers Portion Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/3960pf2s01.dat~Dish 4 x 4 Inverted with Four Section Heart, Sun, Flower, Butterfly Pattern - Heart and Flower Half Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/3960ph1s01.dat~Dish 4 x 4 Inverted with Metallic Gold "HOGWARTS EXPRESS" on Red Background Common Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logocastrl01.dat~Logo Castrol with Outer Box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logochevt01.dat~Logo Chevrolet Corvette Racing Text Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logosantb01.dat~Logo Santander Text Outer Box Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logosantt01.dat~Logo Santander Text Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/u9251p02s01.dat~1/4 Ring of 3 Red and Yellow Flowers on LtGreen/Green Leaves Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
Matched 50 files in the LDraw official parts library:
parts/11290.datSlope Brick Curved 2 x 8 x 2 DoubleDetails[DAT]
parts/14769px1.datTile 2 x 2 Round with Round Underside Stud with Red and Pink Fan PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/197875bc01.datSticker 0.8 x 1.9 with White "4010" (Formed Left)Details[DAT]
parts/2454ps5.datBrick 1 x 2 x 5 with SW Han Solo Carbonite PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3008p07.datBrick 1 x 8 with Blue Long "ESSO SERVICE" PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3039ps5.datSlope Brick 45 2 x 2 with SW Droid Tri-Fighter PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bpq3.datMinifig Head Female with Smiling / Scared 2-Sided PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3817pq0.datMinifig Leg Left with DarkBlue Loincloth PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3817pq1.datMinifig Leg Left with DarkBlue and Gold Loincloth PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3960p0c.datDish 4 x 4 Inverted with Clock with Light Blue Face and Roman Numerals PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3961pb0.datDish 8 x 8 Inverted with "TIVAN", "28 MB" and Dark Red Leaf PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/4142925.dat~_Tile 8 x 8 Round with 2 x 2 Studs and Grille Pattern [7] (Obsolete)Details[DAT]
parts/4162p1a.datTile 1 x 8 with "San Francisco" PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/41665.datTechnic Beam 1 x 4 x 7 with 5 Axleholes and 2 Holes and 1 SlotDetails[DAT]
parts/60592.datWindow 1 x 2 x 2 without SillDetails[DAT]
parts/60593.datWindow 1 x 2 x 3 without SillDetails[DAT]
parts/6177.datTile 8 x 8 Round with 2 x 2 Center StudsDetails[DAT]
parts/6177ph1.datTile 8 x 8 Round with HP Hogwarts Houses PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/6177ps1.datTile 8 x 8 Round with 2 x 2 Studs and Grille PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/87561p01.datBlock 6 x 4 x 1 with Handles and Minifig Outline with Han Solo in Carbonite PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/92241p09.datFigure Friends Girl Torso with Violet and Medium Lavender Bikini Top PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/92241p18.datFigure Friends Girl Torso with Light and Dark Pink Bikini Top PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/93598pk1.datWindscreen 2 x 3 x 2 with 2 x 4 Base with Brown Eyes on White Background PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973p2g.datMinifig Torso with Blue Flowers on Tied Shirt Pattern Details[DAT]
parts/973p7t.datMinifig Torso with Jacket over Shirt and Prison Stripes PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973pq5.datMinifig Torso with Aviator Jacket w/ Eagle/"SMH" on Back PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/98138p82.datTile 1 x 1 Round with Cookie Light Aqua Frosting PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/12891p01s04.dat~Animal Bird Seagull Half Wing Top PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/15527s01.dat~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Mouth HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/18675ps2s01.dat~Dish 6 x 6 Inverted - No Studs with Handle with Hatch Pattern - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/2917s01.dat~Train Front Sloping Top HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/2918s01.dat~Train Front Sloping Top - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/29685p01s01.dat~Animal Bunny Eye PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30116s01.dat~Panel 14 x 14 x 2.667 Quarter Saucer Top Without Top FacesDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30117p6ua.dat~Panel 10 x 10 x 2.333 Quarter Saucer UFO PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30120s02.dat~Minifig Helmet UFO PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/32021s01.dat~Electric Code Pilot Cover without Patternable AreasDetails[DAT]
parts/s/41896s01.dat~Wheel Rim 26 x 43 with 6 Spokes and 3 Pegholes - 1/6Details[DAT]
parts/s/47380s02.dat~Figure Duplo Arm Left SleeveDetails[DAT]
parts/s/53457s01.dat~Animal Wolf Head HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/58132s01.dat~Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control Top HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6177ps1a.dat~Tile 8 x 8 Round with 2 x 2 Centre Studs and Grille - QuarterDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6177ps1b.dat~Obsolete fileDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6177s01.dat~Tile 8 x 8 Round with 2 x 2 Center Studs without TopDetails[DAT]
parts/s/64712s02.dat~Wheel 32 x 64 Conical with Spikes - 1/18 OuterDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6582b.dat~Wheel Rim 20 x 33 with 6 Pinholes - 1/4 of Inner StructureDetails[DAT]
parts/s/72092s02.dat~Minifig Trophy Cup 5L - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/92241p09s02.dat~Figure Friends Girl Torso with Bikini Top PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/92241p09s03.dat~Figure Friends Girl Torso with Bikini Top Outline Pattern HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/u606.datFabuland BasketDetails[DAT]