Parts Tracker File Scan
Matched 28 files in the LDraw Parts Tracker unofficial parts library:
FileTitleCurrent StatusLinks
parts/3068bpfs.datTile 2 x 2 with Brown and White Flower with 12 Petals Pattern Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/32476.datTechnic Figure Robot Arm 1 'hold' vote. (HSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/3464c02.datWheel Centre with Stub Axles with Tyre 4/ 80 x 8 Single Smooth Type 1 Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/37695.datPlant Stem with 3 Leaves with Bar and Pin Holes 1 subfile isn't certified. (CCSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/3960ph1.datDish 4 x 4 Inverted with Metallic Gold "HOGWARTS EXPRESS" on Red Background and White '5972' and '10 A' in Circle Pattern 2 subfiles aren't certified. (CSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/47203p01.datFigure Duplo Child Torso with Top with "SKATE" Pattern 2 subfiles aren't certified. (SSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/47203p03.datFigure Duplo Child Torso with Top with Pink and Lilac Flowers Pattern 2 subfiles aren't certified. (SSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/5306c01.datElectric Wire with End Connectors 2 x 2 (Complete) 3 'hold' votes. (CHHHSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/817c03.datTrailer for Legoland Car with Red Wheel Hubs (Complete) with Tyres 4/ 80 x 8 Single Smooth Type 1 Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/85984pc1.datSlope Brick 31 1 x 2 x 0.667 with Gauges Pattern 1 subfile isn't certified. (CSF)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/14181s01.dat~Wing 4 x 9 with Stud Notches Half Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/15525p02s01.dat~Minifig Head Simpsons Maggie Simpson Worried Eyes and Eyelashes Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/23422s01.dat~Handle for Pole 32 with Shaft and Helical Groove - Half Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/25061s02.dat~Train Track Roller Coaster Curve 10 Degrees End Segment Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/30367ps0s01.dat~Dome 2 x 2 with SW Astromech R2/R4 Pattern - Outlines Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/30367ps0s02.dat~Dome 2 x 2 with SW Astromech R2/R4 Pattern - Panels Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/3626p8es01.dat~Minifig Head with Scowl, White Pupils and Angry Eyebrows Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/42042s01.dat~Technic Bionicle Krana Su Half Certified! (ACCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/43898ps2s01.dat~Dish 3 x 3 Inverted with Dark Orange and Silver SW Embo Hat Pattern - Quarter Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/43898px1s01.dat~Dish 3 x 3 Inverted with Six Orange Flower Petals and Black Outline Pattern - Quarter Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/6143s02.dat~Brick 2 x 2 Round Type 2 Quarter Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logocastrl01.dat~Logo Castrol with Outer Box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logochevt01.dat~Logo Chevrolet Corvette Racing Text Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logopireb01.dat~Logo Pirelli Outer box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logopiret01.dat~Logo Pirelli Text Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logoshelt01.dat~Logo Shell V-Power Red Text with Outer Border Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/u9465s01.dat~Electric Spike Prime Distance Sensor Lighting Ring Half Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/x448s02.dat~Container Storage Box 24 x 40 Round Part Inside Certified! (ACCN)Details[DAT]Events
Matched 43 files in the LDraw official parts library:
p/4-4ring101.datRing 101 x 1.0Details[DAT]
p/48/4-4ring100.datHi-Res Ring 100 x 1.0Details[DAT]
parts/18836pq0.datMinifig Shield Triangular Long with Black Pyramid and Sun PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/30118p6u.datWing 8 x 4 - 2 x 3.333 Up with UFO PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/30118p6v.datWing 8 x 4 - 2 x 3.333 Up with UFO Engine PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/30119p6u.datWing 8 x 4 - 2 x 3.333 Down with UFO PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3039pc4.datSlope Brick 45 2 x 2 with 3 Gauges and 3 Knobs PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3039ps5.datSlope Brick 45 2 x 2 with SW Droid Tri-Fighter PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3068bp76.datTile 2 x 2 with Map Street Level with Red "X" PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3068bp9s.datTile 2 x 2 with Compass South in Dark Red Pointer PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3139.datTyre 4/ 80 x 8 Single Smooth Type 1Details[DAT]
parts/3298ps2.datSlope Brick 33 3 x 2 with Black Symbol and White T-Shape PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bp6w.datMinifig Head with Small Blue Mask PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bp83.datMinifig Head with Brown Eyebrows, Smirking Face, Pupils PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bpq0.datMinifig Head Mummy Face with 2 Eyes / 1 Eye 2-Sided PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bpq2.datMinifig Head with Sideburns, Goatee, Beard Stubble, Scar PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626cpce8.datMinifig Head Alien Female with Red Eyes and Dark Bluish Grey Lips and Wrinkles, Open Smile with Missing Tooth PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626cpm4.datMinifig Head with LOTR Frowning / Scared 2-Sided PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3876.datMinifig Shield RoundDetails[DAT]
parts/3960pf1.datDish 4 x 4 Inverted with Fabuland 1-4 Figures PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3961pb0.datDish 8 x 8 Inverted with "TIVAN", "28 MB" and Dark Red Leaf PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/4663.datDuplo Hook Short with Cross Bar and String HoleDetails[DAT]
parts/57781.datTipper Bucket 24 x 8 x 8Details[DAT]
parts/59895.datTyre 4/ 80 x 8 Single Smooth Type 2Details[DAT]
parts/604549.datMinifig Tool Battery Powered DrillDetails[DAT]
parts/6058327b.datSticker 1.7 x 1.7 Round with Light Grey Circles and StripesDetails[DAT]
parts/6200.datBelville Swing StandDetails[DAT]
parts/7.dat~Moved to 3139Details[DAT]
parts/85984pc1.datSlope Brick 31 1 x 2 x 0.667 with Gauges PatternDetails[DAT]Updated unofficial version
parts/92198p17.datFigure Friends Head with Medium Azure Eyes and Elves Tribal PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973p9m.datMinifig Torso with Doctor Coat over Medium Azure Undershirt, Stethoscope, Pocket with Pens PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/19201s01.dat~Figure Elves Hair Long Wavy with Braid, Bangs and Ears StructureDetails[DAT]
parts/s/24593p01s01.dat~Cylinder Half 2 x 4 x 2 Smile and Grey/White Bushy Eyebrows Face PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/2707s01.dat~Technic Action Figure Head Half without FaceDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30117p6ua.dat~Panel 10 x 10 x 2.333 Quarter Saucer UFO PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/3626b37b.dat~Minifig Head with Sideburns & Droopy Moustache - Except HairDetails[DAT]
parts/s/3961pb0s01.dat~Dish 8 x 8 Exhaust Ports with Black and Golden Lines Pattern HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/539s01.dat~Profile for Tyre for Wheel 41mm ZnapDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6596s01.dat~Tyre 14 / 66 x 61 Z Racing Tread SectionDetails[DAT]
parts/s/u9305s01.dat~Boat Keel - Top Part, QuarterDetails[DAT]
parts/s/u9328c01s01.dat~Canvas Tepee Cover Formed InsideDetails[DAT]
parts/u9085.dat~Electric Brick 2 x 4 with USB Flash Drive - Middle PlateDetails[DAT]
parts/u9132c03.dat~Axle Steel 4 x 72 LDU with Two Wheels 4 x 8 with Tyres 4/ 80 x 8 Single Smooth Type 1Details[DAT]