Parts Tracker File Scan
Matched 24 files in the LDraw Parts Tracker unofficial parts library:
FileTitleCurrent StatusLinks
parts/18973p02.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with "Ferrari" Logos, Italian Flag and Black and Red Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18973p04.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with Red "PORSCHE" and White and Gray Roof Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/34732.datPanel 1 x 4 x 6 Wavy 3 subfiles aren't certified. (CSSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/3960ph1.datDish 4 x 4 Inverted with Metallic Gold "HOGWARTS EXPRESS" on Red Background and White '5972' and '10 A' in Circle Pattern 2 subfiles aren't certified. (CSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/44375bp04.datDish 6 x 6 Inverted with Solid Studs with Clock with Roman Numerals Pattern 1 subfile isn't certified. (CSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/47203p01.datFigure Duplo Child Torso with Top with "SKATE" Pattern 2 subfiles aren't certified. (SSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/15525p01s01.dat~Minifig Head Simpsons Maggie Simpson Bow Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/18895p02s01.dat~Bike 2 Wheel Motorcycle Fairing Racing Windscreen Half with Gold Police Badge Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/35485s01.dat~Minifig Chakram Half 3 subfiles aren't certified. (CCSSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/35533s01.dat~Electric Powered Up Remote Handset Top Half Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/3626p8es01.dat~Minifig Head with Scowl, White Pupils and Angry Eyebrows Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/4185as01.dat~Technic Wedge Belt Wheel 1/8 Needs admin review. (CCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/43898p01s01.dat~Dish 3 x 3 Inverted with Bright Pink and Magenta Dots Pattern - 1/8 Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/60931s01.dat~Constraction Ball Cannon Magazine - 1/4 Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/60932s01.dat~Constraction Ball Cannon Housing - Half 1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logoallib01.dat~Logo Allianz Text Outer Box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logoallit01.dat~Logo Allianz Text Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logobugat01.dat~Logo Bugatti Text "Chiron" Needs admin review. (CCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logomichi02.dat~Logo Michelin White/Black Bibendum Rinnung with Outher Box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logopumai01.dat~Logo Puma Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logosantb01.dat~Logo Santander Text Outer Box Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logosantt01.dat~Logo Santander Text Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logoubsb01.dat~Logo UBS Text Outer Box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logoubst01.dat~Logo UBS Text Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
Matched 43 files in the LDraw official parts library:
parts/21778.datMinifig Hair CoiledDetails[DAT]
parts/2741.datTechnic Steering Wheel LargeDetails[DAT]
parts/28870.datPlant Stem Curved with 2 Thorns and 2 SwirlsDetails[DAT]
parts/28943.dat~Electric Power Functions 2.0 Boost Move Hub Right SideDetails[DAT]
parts/3063b.datBrick 2 x 2 Corner Round with Stud NotchDetails[DAT]
parts/30663.datCar Steering Wheel 2DDetails[DAT]
parts/3068bp59.datTile 2 x 2 with HP Marauder's Map PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3297p15.datSlope Brick 33 3 x 4 with Train Railyard Switching PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bp6v.datMinifig Head with Large Blue Mask PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bpq0.datMinifig Head Mummy Face with 2 Eyes / 1 Eye 2-Sided PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626cp8k.datMinifig Head with Brown Eyebrows, Open Lopsided Grin and White Pupils Pattern (Hollow Stud)Details[DAT]
parts/3626cpq0.datMinifig Head with Beard Stubble, Eyebrows, Smile, Scar PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3960pf1.datDish 4 x 4 Inverted with Fabuland 1-4 Figures PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3961pb0.datDish 8 x 8 Inverted with "TIVAN", "28 MB" and Dark Red Leaf PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/4150ps7.datTile 2 x 2 Round with Hatch PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/4185.datTechnic Wedge Belt WheelDetails[DAT]Updated unofficial version
parts/4521703f.datSticker 0.8 x 1.8 with Black "CA 0108" and BorderDetails[DAT]
parts/47753pq1.datWedge 4 x 4 Triple Curved with Brick and Hieroglyphs PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/48092.datBrick 4 x 4 Round CornerDetails[DAT]
parts/92198p05.datFigure Friends Female Head with Light Brown Eyes, Freckles, Pink Lips and Closed Mouth PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/92241p11.datFigure Friends Girl Torso with White Vest Top with Light Pink and Black Flowers PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/92241p16.datFigure Friends Girl Torso with Bright Light Orange Top with Music Notes and Circles PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973p0a.datMinifig Torso with White Diagonal Zip and Pocket PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973p0b.datMinifig Torso with Black Diagonal Zip and Pocket PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973p1g.datMinifig Torso with Zipper and Police Badge Plain PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973pm4.datMinifig Torso with LOTR Shirt, Dark Brown Belt & Bag PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973pq7.datMinifig Torso with Safari Shirt, Tan Bandana & Compass PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/98138p85.datTile 1 x 1 Round with Cookie and Magenta Centre PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/10057pm0s01.dat~Minifig Gollum Hair Pattern - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/15523s01.dat~Minifig Head Simpsons Bart Simpson HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/19201s01.dat~Figure Elves Hair Long Wavy with Braid, Bangs and Ears StructureDetails[DAT]
parts/s/23800s01.dat~Wheel Rim 42 x 62 with 10 Spokes and 3 Pegholes HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/28870s01.dat~Plant Stem Curved with 2 Thorns and 2 Swirls HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30117p6ua.dat~Panel 10 x 10 x 2.333 Quarter Saucer UFO PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30332s01.dat~Propellor Blade for Propellor 3 Blade 9 DiameterDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30562ps1s01.dat~Panel 4 x 4 x 6 Corner Round with SW Escape Pod Pattern - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/3068p11a.dat~Launch Command Logo PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/3846p4ld.dat~Gold Lion on Red/White Quarters Background Pattern - Segment DDetails[DAT]
parts/s/41748s01.dat~Wedge 2 x 6 Double Left without Sloped FacesDetails[DAT]
parts/s/4185bs01.dat~Technic Wedge Belt Wheel - Reinforced 1/8Details[DAT]
parts/s/4266s02.dat~Wheel 20 x 30 Smooth with 6 Pegholes - 1/6 without AxleholeDetails[DAT]
parts/s/4325s01.dat~Fabuland Watering Can HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/64712s01.dat~Wheel 32 x 64 Conical with Spikes - 1/12 Inner Details[DAT]