Parts Tracker File Scan
Matched 18 files in the LDraw Parts Tracker unofficial parts library:
FileTitleCurrent StatusLinks
p/48/t02o4000.datHi-Res Torus Outside 1 x 0.4000 x 0.5 Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18973p02.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with "Ferrari" Logos, Italian Flag and Black and Red Pattern Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18973p03.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with "Audi e-tron quattro" and Light Bluish Gray Roof Pattern Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/18973p04.datWindscreen 6 x 4 x 1.333 Curved with Red "PORSCHE" and White and Gray Roof Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/32533p631.datTechnic Disc 5 x 5 Projectile with Bionicle Kanoka 631 Onu-Metru Pattern 8 subfiles aren't certified. (CSSSSSSSSN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/98564.datTechnic Bionicle Thornax Launcher Half 1 x 7 Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/98564c01.datTechnic Bionicle Thornax Launcher Half 1 x 7 (Tensioned) Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/15413s02.dat~Tyre 20/ 48 x 30 3D Text "LEGO Group 49.5x20" Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/18588s01.dat~Six Shooter Housing - 1/4 Back Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/22407s01.dat~Minifig Axe Head Faceted with Bar 0.5L Half Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/3960pf2s01.dat~Dish 4 x 4 Inverted with Four Section Heart, Sun, Flower, Butterfly Pattern - Heart and Flower Half Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/42042s01.dat~Technic Bionicle Krana Su Half Certified! (ACCN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/4521664as01.dat~Sticker 1.7 x 1.7 Round SW Imperial Logo Pattern - 1/6 Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/60932s01.dat~Constraction Ball Cannon Housing - Half 1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/87610ps7s02.dat~Minifig Helmet Mandalorian with Reddish Brown Visor with Slanted Eyeslits Dark Bluish Gray Cheeks and Reddish Brown Pattern Half Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/s/logoagipi01.dat~Logo Agip Black Dog with Outer Box Needs more votes. (N)Details[DAT]Events
parts/u9190c01.dat~Electric Power Functions Coiled Cable With Dark Bluish Grey Functions Connector With PF Bottom Needs more votes. (CN)Details[DAT]Events
parts/x899.datBelville Crown Small (Needs work) 1 'hold' vote. (HN)Details[DAT]Events
Matched 50 files in the LDraw official parts library:
p/logo5.datLEGO Logo for Studs - 3D FlattenedDetails[DAT]
parts/190265a.datSticker 1.1 x 3.7 Car Grille, Headlights and BumperDetails[DAT]
parts/21778.datMinifig Hair CoiledDetails[DAT]
parts/2345p05.datPanel Wall 3 x 3 x 6 Corner with Green Vines and Dark Grey Rocks PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/2435.datPlant Tree Pyramidal 3 x 3 x 4Details[DAT]
parts/2446p51.datMinifig Helmet Modern with Black, Blue and Silver Unitron PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/2454ps5.datBrick 1 x 2 x 5 with SW Han Solo Carbonite PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3068bpa0.datTile 2 x 2 with Map Red/Blue/Green Border Pattern (Needs Work)Details[DAT]
parts/3070bps5.datTile 1 x 1 with SW Snow Trooper Backpack PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/35565.datPanel 2 x 6 x 6 with Pointed Arch Opening and Rounded SidesDetails[DAT]
parts/3626bpq1.datMinifig Head Mummy with 2 Eyes / Gold Death Mask 2-Sided PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626cpm5.datMinifig Head with LOTR Frowning / Shouting 2-Sided PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3626cpq0.datMinifig Head with Beard Stubble, Eyebrows, Smile, Scar PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/3961pb0.datDish 8 x 8 Inverted with "TIVAN", "28 MB" and Dark Red Leaf PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/41665.datTechnic Beam 1 x 4 x 7 with 5 Axleholes and 2 Holes and 1 SlotDetails[DAT]
parts/4331.datFabuland Frame SawDetails[DAT]
parts/47843.datWindscreen 10 x 4 x 2 Curved with Bubble Cutout Single HingeDetails[DAT]
parts/57781.datTipper Bucket 24 x 8 x 8Details[DAT]
parts/6106.datPlate 6 x 6 without CornerDetails[DAT]
parts/61898f.datSheet Plastic 11 x 13 Disc with Base with Graduated Dial PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/64275c01.datTechnic Bionicle Thornax Launcher Half 1 x 8 (Tensioned)Details[DAT]
parts/92241p05.datFigure Friends Girl Torso with Light Blue Halter Top with Paw and Butterflies PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/973psm.datMinifig Torso with SW Camouflage Smock PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/98138px1.datTile 1 x 1 Round with Groove with Pink Circle Inside Blue Circle PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/15527s02.dat~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/15527s03.dat~Minifig Head Simpsons Homer Simpson Pupil and Hair HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/18675ps2s01.dat~Dish 6 x 6 Inverted - No Studs with Handle with Hatch Pattern - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/2684s02.dat~Monorail Motor Bottom - 1/4Details[DAT]
parts/s/2868s01.dat~Train Speed Regulator 9V - Underside, Symmetrical AreasDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30120s01.dat~Minifig Helmet with Hexagonal Top Base - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/30224s01.dat~Animal Fish OrnamentalDetails[DAT]
parts/s/32197s01.dat~Wheel Rim 30 x 61 with 3 Spokes Swirled - 1/3Details[DAT]
parts/s/3626bpq4s01.dat~Minifig Head with Glasses, Sideburns, Moustache Pattern - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/4325s01.dat~Fabuland Watering Can HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/4331s01.dat~Fabuland Frame Saw Twisted Bar - SegmentDetails[DAT]
parts/s/43979s01.dat~Wing 12 x 12 x 1.333 with 8 x 4 Recessed Centre - HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/53543s01.dat~Technic Bionicle Toa Inika Thigh Armor HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/55817s02.dat~Wheel 21 x 56 with 8 Spokes Armoured - 1/16 Spoke and RimDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6529s01.dat~Duplo Gear 24 Tooth 3 TeethDetails[DAT]
parts/s/6582b.dat~Wheel Rim 20 x 33 with 6 Pinholes - 1/4 of Inner StructureDetails[DAT]
parts/s/87754s01.dat~Minifig Helmet Underwater - One HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/92250s01.dat~Figure Friends Legs with Layered Skirt HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/92851s01.dat~Wheel Minifig Bicycle with Integral Tyre RimDetails[DAT]
parts/s/98141s01.dat~Minifig Weapon Crescent Blade Serrated with Bar 0.5L HalfDetails[DAT]
parts/s/98388p01s01.dat~Animal Friends Bird Half Front with Eye PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/u9213p01s01.dat~Fabuland Tree Apples PatternDetails[DAT]
parts/s/u9305s01.dat~Boat Keel - Top Part, QuarterDetails[DAT]
parts/u606.datFabuland BasketDetails[DAT]
parts/u66p01c01.datSheet Plastic 6 x 12 Triangular with Blue and Red Triangles and Blue Lines Pattern (Formed Shape 1)Details[DAT]
parts/u9218c01.dat~Electric Power Functions 2.0 Coiled Cable 25cm with Trans Clear PlugDetails[DAT]