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0 ~Obsolete file
0 Name: s\973p42a.dat
0 Author: Joachim Probst
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Subpart
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt


0 !HISTORY 2000-05-07 [PTadmin]  Official Update 2000-01
0 !HISTORY 2001-10-23 [pneaster] Edited overlaping pieces
0 !HISTORY 2001-10-26 [PTadmin]  Official Update 2001-01
0 !HISTORY 2007-09-13 [PTadmin]  Header formatted for Contributor Agreement
0 !HISTORY 2008-07-01 [PTadmin]  Official Update 2008-01
0 !HISTORY 2014-11-21 [roland]   Auto-corrected with libfix version of LDCad 1.4
0 !HISTORY 2015-01-24 [PTadmin]  Made obsolete by inlining into 973p42
0 !HISTORY 2015-10-11 [PTadmin]  Official Update 2015-01
0 !HISTORY 2019-05-31 [Steffen]  added BFC statement

Needs more votes. (F)
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At Sat Jun 1 06:25:02 2019, the file was initially submitted.
Submitted by: Steffen
At Sat Jun 1 14:10:02 2019, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: novote
this file is empty and unused.
it makes no sense to have it carry around old contents.

I additionally ensured that all such files carry a valid BFC CERTIFY
statement, with this purpose:
doing so will allow us in future to add a simple check to PT
so that we can ensure that only BFC CERTIFY parts are released.
there should be no exception for these empty, unused files;
that would make things unnecessarily complicated.