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0 Door  1 x  3 x  4 Left with Red Bottom Pattern
0 Name: 825ap05.dat
0 Author: Magnus Forsberg [MagFors]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Part
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt


0 !CMDLINE -c47

1 subfile isn't certified. (SN)
Size: 336 bytes
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~Door 1 x 3 x 4 Left with Red Bottom Pattern without Stud
Status: 2 subfiles aren't certified. (SSN)
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File reviews and updates:
At Thu Oct 5 16:50:01 2017, the file was initially submitted.
Submitted by: MagFors
At Wed Dec 27 22:15:00 2017, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: novote
why has 825 been obsoletized, but its patterned versions not?

At Fri Feb 9 08:04:13 2018 part 'parts/825p05.dat' was renamed to 'parts/825ap05.dat'.
At Fri Feb 9 17:35:01 2018, a new version of the file was submitted.
Submitted by: Steffen
- removed "with Window" from title, because this door has no window, the door itself becomes the "window", when used in transparent color 47
- added !CMDLINE -c47

Existing certification-votes were deleted.
At Wed Sep 4 19:30:01 2019, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Tore_Eriksson
Certification: novote
This change, however technically correct, doesn't solve any real problem but causes new compability problems towards for example BrickLink and Rebrickable.