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0 Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control
0 Name: 58122.dat
0 Author: Philippe Hurbain [Philo]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Shortcut
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt

0 !HELP Comment/Uncomment switch lines to get various positions.


0 !CMDLINE -c71

0 !HISTORY 2012-03-30 [PTadmin] Official Update 2012-01
0 !HISTORY 2021-09-09 [Philo] Unmirrored some elements and cleaned up coordinates

0 // Channel Selector Switch [1..4]

Needs more votes. (F)
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At Thu Sep 9 07:15:01 2021, the file was initially submitted.
Submitted by: Philo
At Sun Oct 10 14:10:02 2021, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: MagFors
Certification: hold
There's now a small collision between the unskewed orange button and the casing ...
The screw is upside down.

At Mon Oct 11 14:35:01 2021, a new version of the file was submitted.
Submitted by: Philo
Oops, corrected the screw!. Rotated the slider instead of skewing it.

Existing certification-votes were deleted.
At Mon Oct 11 21:10:02 2021, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: MagFors
Certification: novote
Wouldn't it be better to simply lower the slider, so that a inlined copy becomes easier to adjust. Like you did on the small black buttons.
As it is positioned now, the slider ends up in a collision with the body, when it's in the other end position.