Part File Comparision

Enter the path/filename information for each file, and click Go to generate the comparision DAT.

File Path/NameFile Location
Original File Official
Newer File Official

More Info
File Path/Name - be sure to include the subdirectory path -- parts/, parts/s/, p/ or p/48/. Also include the exact filename, with the .dat extension.

File Location - select whether the file is official or unofficial.

If your computer is set to display LDraw files from the web, filling out this form should result in an LDraw file being displayed on your screen, in white, green and trans-red. White areas are where the two files match exactly. Trans-Red areas are deleted sections. Green areas are are new sections. And areas that are green overlayed with trans-red are parts that are changed from the old file to the new file -- possibly they were coded a different way, or adjusted slightly.