LDraw.org Standards: Official Library Specification for Sticker Parts

Maintained by: The LDraw.org Standards Board
Revision: 6.2, 1-Oct-2019


Official standard regarding the creation of sticker parts.

  • The description of the part should begin with 'Sticker ...' followed by the dimensions if rectangular or round, or a description of the shape, and then a description of the sticker. The description should not end with ‘Pattern’. For example:
    Sticker 2.6 x 5.5 ...
    Sticker 3.1 x 3.1 Round ...
    Sticker Minifig Torso ...
    Sticker Minifig Shield Triangular ...
  • Dimensions should be specified in studs (where 1 stud = 20LDraw units), rounded to one decimal place, as [z-dimension] x [x-dimension].
  • The creation of a flat version of the sticker is strongly encouraged. If the sticker is designed to be placed on the curved surface of a part or folded around the edge of a part a ‘formed’ version of the sticker part may be modelled.
  • The part number for the flat sticker part is the SKU from the edge of the sticker sheet with a single letter suffix. Each different sticker from a single sheet should have a unique suffix. Four digit numbers should be prefixed with two zeros to avoid clashes with parts (e.g. 004845a.dat, not 4845a.dat). Stickers from sheets with combo 5-digit/7-digit numbers should use the 7-digit number. If the sheet contains only a single sticker, or multiple copies of the same sticker, then use the SKU with an 'a' suffix. If the SKU is unknown then the part number is "sXXX" where "XXX" is a number assigned by the Parts Tracker admin.
  • The part number for a formed sticker part should be derived from the flat sticker part numbers with a c01 suffix. The part description should have a suffix of ‘(Formed)’.
  • The sticker should be modelled as a 0.25 LDU thin box (or whatever shape sticker is in), without any edge lines (type 2 lines) and coloured with main colour 16. The sticker should be oriented such that the top face is at -0.25 Y and parallel with the X-Z plane. The pattern with the hardcoded colours is on the top face.
  • The origin of a formed sticker part may match that of the part for which it is intended or be noted in a !HELP header line.
  • The sticker pattern is modelled in its true colours; they are not modifiable from the outside. All colours of the top surface must be matched, and the back side and sides of the sticker must use colour 16. Print on a transparent plastic sticker sheet should use colour 16 on the transparent part of the top surface.
  • Conditional lines (type 5 lines), in colour 24, should be provided around curved edges and on the curved surface of formed sticker parts. Solid edges (type 2 lines) are also allowed for folds in formed sticker parts, but not around the edges of the sticker.
  • Combination sticker/part files may be submitted for the placement of flat stickers in official sets. It is recommended that a combination sticker/part file be provided for formed stickers. The part number of the sticker/part combination should be the part number with a dXX suffix, preferably using the same scheme of codes as for patterned parts. The !LDRAW_ORG line should identify the file as a ‘Shortcut’. The name for such parts should be ‘[part name] with [sticker description] Sticker’. The dimensions of the sticker from the sticker part name do not need to be repeated. For example:
    Brick 1 x 4 with Black "POLICE" and Red Line Sticker

Note: This document is an official LSC specification and/or language extension. Material changes can only be made after ratification by the LSC.

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