LDraw Parts: Unofficial Parts

Before You Download

Please read these important notes.

Generally, we recommend you grab unofficial parts one-by-one, and use them for only for a specific project.

But, if you're impatient, sure you want all of the unofficial parts and are willing to take your chances, you can download all of the unofficial parts at once.

The package is updated every 5 minutes, but only if there have been any changes. It contains ALL unofficial parts currently submitted to the LDraw Parts Tracker. This includes also parts with a Held vote which have some issues and might radically changed before release. But also parts with one or two Certify vote(s) may be incomplete or inaccurate, and it is possible that when they are officially released they may be changed in ways that could mess up any model you use them in. This is most true for rotation and origin.

If you are using MLCad or LDCad, you can import the unofficial part(s) as submodels into your main model files and save them in a .mpd file. That way, if changes are made to the unofficial parts before they are officially released, your model won't be adversely affected.

You will need to clean up at a later time. The best (that is, the safest) way to install these files is to unzip them to a temporary directory. A short tutorial how to add them for example to MLCad can be found at: http://www.holly-wood.it/mlcad/unofficial1-en.html. Don't simply dump them into your LDraw\parts directory, it would be very hard to sort them out of there later.

When you unzip the files, be sure to tell your ZIP tool to use the folder names, so all the files will end up in their proper subdirectory.

Search for a specific part

Find a part

(This link will take you to the part tracker.)

Download all of the current (submitted) unofficial LDraw parts here.

Download Unofficial Part Files
(The package is continuously updated and includes also held files)

Quick links

Get the latest parts

Takes you to the latest official parts update. These parts are tested to be safe and can be used by any and all.

Get all official parts

Allows you to download the entire library in one. These parts are tested to be safe and can be used by any and all.

Get most recent ldconfig.ldr

This file defines the various LDraw colours in a way that matches the reality of LEGO bricks.

Find unofficial parts

These parts have not been fully vetted and may change before a full release. Use with caution.

LDraw.org Parts Tracker

The Parts Tracker is the system we use to submit files to the LDraw.org Part Library.

Other Parts Libraries

Other libraries of parts that work with the LDraw system of tools

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