Lesson 7: Erasing the Screen and Adding More Pieces
If you exited after Lesson 6, start LEdit again. Now, step to the end of the model. There are two ways you can do this. First, you can hit Page Down until you get to ---End---, or you can hit Esc (or /), choose Piece, Goto-Line, and type in a big number, like 100. (fig 7.1) This will bring you the last line of the model because there are less than 100 pieces in the model so far.
     If you ever want to get to a certain point in a model, you can remember the number after Line: in the upper left corner of the screen. (fig. 7.2) Then, when you're somewhere else in the model, type in that line number at Goto-Line. The program will skip to that line. Now, to see what the model looks like without all the pieces after that line, hit E. The screen will be erased, but don't worry, the model will be redrawn up to the line number you are currently at.
     Now we'll insert some more parts. Hit Page Up once, so that the line that says ---End--- is the fourth line at the top of the screen. Hit I to insert a piece and change the part number (hit P) to 3665. Hit Right five times to bring the inverted slope to the side of the model. Hit Home three times and Up once to put the brick on top of the round plate. Hit A twice to turn it around. Now, hit C to change the color to 7 (gray). Finally, hit I again to insert another piece. (fig. 7.3) Move the new piece to the other side (hit Left six times) and turn it around (hit A twice). Insert another piece. (fig. 7.4)
     Change the piece number to 4070. Place it in front of the left inverted slope that you just inserted (You don't have to hit A at all) and do the same on the right side. (Make sure you hit I after inserting the first piece.)(fig 7.5) Now insert part number 3475. Color it 0 (black). Hit A once and Left twice. Hit Down seven times and End once to place the engine on the bracket. (fig. 7.6). Place another engine on the other side (You'll have to press A three times). Finally, insert piece number 3023 in front of the two engines. (fig. 7.7)
Lesson 8: Adding Pieces on Your Own
Now its time to add some parts on your own. Be sure to check that every piece is in the exact position it needs to be in. If you need to, check other views to make sure that the pieces are correctly placed. Place these parts as shown: (fig. 8.1)
(They're all on the same level, so you will only need to use Home to raise the first piece up.)
     First, save the model so you don't lose anything. Now add these peices as shown: (fig. 8.2)
 298 (twice)
 297 (twice)
 3794 (twice)
(You only need to hit Home once; for the first piece.)
Lesson 9: Adding Steps to the Model.
First, save the model to make sure you don't lose any of the pieces you just added. Then hit Esc, choose Piece, Goto-Line, and type in 1. (fig. 9.1) Hit Enter, and you'll be brought back to the beginning of the model. Hit E to erase the screen.
    Now, hit Page Down to step through the model. After hitting Page Down once, the bracket is drawn on the screen. Hit I to insert a new line. (fig. 9.2) Hit Esc, and choose Edit, Line-Type, Step. (fig. 9.3) At the top of the screen, you'll see that the line will have changed to say 0 STEP. (fig. 9.4) When you draw the model later using LDraw, the program will stop here to make building easier. Insert Steps were you think they are appropriate. Make sure that you hit I before changing the line to a Step. I inserted Steps at line numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, 22, 26, and 37. In case you don't remember, the line number is shown after the word Line: in the upper left corner of the screen.
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