LEdit Tutorial
LDraw Tutorial
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Printable Versions of Tutorial Lessons
For each set of lessons below, there is a text only file and a file of all the figures for those lessons. These files should be easier to print nicely in case you want to read the tutorial off-line. Choose either separate sets of lessons, or the entire tutorial at once.
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LEdit Basics
LEdit Lessons 0-6 (about 3 pages)
Figures for Lessons 0-6 (about 4 pages)
Beginning LEdit
LEdit Lessons 7-9 (about 2 pages)
Figures for Lessons 7-9 (about 2 pages)
Intermediate LEdit
LEdit Lessons 10-12 (about 2 pages)
Figures for Lessons 10-12 (about 4 pages)
Advanced LEdit
LEdit Lessons 13-15 (about 2 pages)
Figures for Lessons 13-15 (about 6 pages)
Complete Set of LEdit Lessons
LEdit Lessons 0-15  (about  7 pages)
Figures for Lessons 0-15 (about 15 pages)
Learning to Use LDraw
LDraw Lessons 1-3 (about 2 pages)
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