Lesson 10: Turning Pieces Vertically
Make sure you're at the last line of the model, so that the third line of text at the top of the screen says 0 STEP and the fourth line says ---End---. Now, hit I to insert a piece. Change the part number to 3070. (fig. 10.1) Hit Right three times and Up five times.
    Now change the View to Left. (fig.10.2) Next, hit Esc, and choose Turn, Centre-Set. (fig. 10.3) This will turn the piece without moving it away from the positition it's now at. Hit Esc again, choose Turn, X-axis, and type in 90. (fig. 10.4) The piece we just turned will now face with its top side toward the left side of the screen. To make things easier, zoom in by pressing +. Hit Down twice. (fig. 10.5) As you can see, we can't move the piece exactly into place using just the arrow keys.
    Look in the upper middle of the screen. You'll see that it says Move: Normal. (fig. 10.6) Hit M twice and you'll see Normal change to Fine. (fig. 10.7) Hit Down twice and you'll see that the piece doesn't move as far as before. Hit Right six times to move the piece into position. Change the color to 36 (translucent red), and hit Enter. (fig. 10.8)
    Change to Three-D view again. Zoom out by pressing -. Insert another piece. Hit Esc, choose Turn, Centre-Set. Next, choose Turn, X-Axis, and type in 90 again. Hit M to change Move: back to Normal. Hit Left six times to move the piec into position. To make sure that the piece is in the right place, take a look at the Right and Under views.
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(fig. 10.1)
Fig. 10.1
(fig. 10.2)
Fig. 10.2
(fig. 10.3)
Fig. 10.3
(fig. 10.4)
Fig. 10.4
(fig. 10.5)
Fig. 10.5
(fig. 10.6)
Fig. 10.6
(fig. 10.7)
Fig. 10.7
(fig. 10.8)
Fig. 10.8


Lesson 11: Building the Canopy with More Turned Pieces
First, save the model. Make sure you're in Three-D view. Next, insert another piece. Hit M twice so that Move: is set to Fine. Hit Home twice and Up four times. Change Move back to Normal. Change the part number to 3937 and the color to 0 (black). Hit Home six times, Up once and Left three times. (fig. 11.1) Insert four more of the same piece as shown. (fig. 11.2)
    Insert another piece and change the part number to 3938. Change the color to 7 (gray) and turn it forward (remember first to Centre-Set, then X-axis, 90). Using Fine and the Left and Top views, move the piece into the front hinge. (Remember that + zooms in and - zooms out.) (fig. 11.3) Insert another piece. Change the part number to 2466 and the color to 33 (translucent blue). Hit A twice, and then turn the piece. (Centre-Set; X-axis, 90) Hit Down thirteen times and then change to Fine and use Down to move the piece into the correct spot. (fig. 11.4)
    Save the file now, so that you don't accidentally lose something. Insert part number 4590 and change the color to 7 (gray). Now try to move it into position as shown. (You'll have to hit A twice.) (fig. 11.5) This piece looks kind of funny when inserted. To make it look better, hit Esc, choose Options, Line-as-stud(on). (fig. 11.6) Hit E to redraw the model with studs. (fig. 11.7) Although this option takes longer to draw, you'll need it for the next lesson to make placing pieces easier.
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(fig. 11.1)
Fig. 11.1
(fig. 11.2)
Fig. 11.2
(fig. 11.3)
Fig. 11.3
(fig. 11.4)
Fig. 11.4
(fig. 11.5)
Fig. 11.5
(fig. 11.6)
Fig. 11.6
(fig. 11.7)
Fig. 11.7


Lesson 12: Even More Turned Pieces
As always, save the model. Insert part number 2432, turn it and place it as shown. (fig. 12.1) Now insert part 3062B. Turn it and place it as shown. Check a few different views to make sure the piece is exactly aligned with the piece it attaches to. (I used the Left and Over views to place the piece.) (fig. 12.2) Add another 3062B on the other side. (fig. 12.3)
    Now we need to insert a piece and turn it so that it faces the other way. Insert part 3957. First Centre-Set, then hit Esc, and choose Turn, X-axis, but this time type -90. (fig. 12.4) Place the piece as shown. (fig. 12.5) Add another 3957 on the other side. Then, insert part number 4073. Change the color to 36 (translucent red). Place one of these round plates at the end of each antenna and add one on the end of the "wing" on the front. (fig. 12.6) Save the model so that you don't lose all the work you just did. If you want to, you can choose Options, Line-as-stud again to make the program faster.
LDraw, the other major program in this package, is used to make better looking images of the models you make in LEdit. If you want to, you can continue the LEdit lessons, or, if you didn't go to the LDraw lessons earlier, you can go to the short LDraw lessons now.
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(fig. 12.1)
Fig. 12.1
(fig. 12.2)
Fig. 12.2
(fig. 12.3)
Fig. 12.3
(fig. 12.4)
Fig. 12.4
(fig. 12.5)
Fig. 12.5
(fig. 12.6)
Fig. 12.6

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