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     New Pieces
     More Information
     Interface Shell Programs
     New Versions of LDraw
     Raytracing Your LDraw Creations
     Places to Share Your Creations
Have fun with your new knowledge about LDraw!
Be sure to visit the
James Jessiman Memorial
dedicated to James Jessiman, the creator of LDraw.

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  Lessons 10 to 12 (Intermediate LEdit).
  Lessons 13 to 15 (Advanced LEdit).
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New Pieces

Although the creator of LDraw, James Jessiman has passed away, new pieces are still being created. Every month, new pieces are released. To download them, visit the
LDraw Parts Updates
LDraw Parts Updates (mirror site)
Click on "Official" to get to the updates.
    After you have downloaded and installed the updates, be sure to run MKLIST.EXE. Just follow the instructions on the Download page.
More Information

For more information about LDraw, visit the
LDraw Question & Answer page
or the
LDraw Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Interface Shell Programs

There are currently two interface shell programs which make it easier to use LDraw. These programs eliminate the need to type in all the text needed to change background colors, scale, and views.
LDraw Launcher created by Tore Eriksson
(for MS-DOS and Windows) and
LDraw Add-On (LDAO) created by Steve Bliss
(for Windows 95, NT, and 98)
New Versions of LDraw

LDrawII, a remake of LDraw, is still under development. A Windows version of LDraw (with shading!) is already available and easily integrated with LDAO:
LDLite created by Paul J. Gyugyi
Raytracing your LDraw Creations

There are currently two programs available to help you raytrace your LEGO® models using POV-Ray. Raytracing gives stunning, almost photorealistic images of your models.
L2P and LGEO created by Lutz Uhlmann and
L3P created by Lars Hassing.
Places to Share Your Creations

The rec.toys.lego (RTL) and LEGO Users Group Network (LUGNET) newsgroups discuss all sorts of LEGO® related subjects.
    To join in on discussion more specific to LDraw, you can participate in the discussion at the LUGNET CAD newsgroup and the LUGNET LEGO-CAD Developers newsgroup. You can also post LDraw DAT files to the LUGNET DAT files newsgroups.

Bram Lambrecht's LDraw & LEdit Tutorial was conceived and created by Bram Lambrecht. Please visit my web site. You can send me e-mail at blambrec@student.chuh.org.
The LDraw program package, including LDraw and LEdit were conceived and created by James Jessiman. Please visit the memorial dedicated to him.
    Many of the pieces that LDraw uses were created by the members of the L-CAD mailing list. I thank them for their tremendous efforts in keeping LDraw alive.
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