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Note: to read the tutorial offline, you will need a computer that supports long filenames (such as Windows 95, NT, or 98).


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1: System Requirements
To run LDraw, you will need a computer with:
   MS-DOS or Windows (3.x, 95, NT, or 98), and
   about 10 Mb of free disk space
2: Downloading
First, download the original freeware program, created by James Jessiman: LDRAW.EXE (987 Kb)
Save it to your C:\ directory or wherever you want your LDRAW\ directory to be located.
Next, download the pieces that other enthusiasts have created: COMPLETE.EXE
If the above doesn't work, download: COMPLETE.EXE
3: Installation
Now, run the files. To do this, hit Start and choose Run. (fig. 1) (In Windows 3.x, choose File, Run... in Program Manager.) A window will pop up. Type in C:\LDRAW.EXE -y and hit OK. (fig. 2) A lot of text will scroll by in a window. When the text stops scrolling, close the window. Choose Run again. This time type in C:\COMPLETE.EXE -y and hit OK
Now, choose Run, type C:\LDRAW\MKLIST.EXE and hit OK. A window will pop up that says:
  Sort by [N]umber or [D]escription:
(fig. 3) Hit D and wait until the program is finished before you close the window.
If you run into any problems installing these files, go to:
LDraw Question & Answer page or
If you didn't get any error messages, you're ready to begin the LEdit tutorial! If you don't want to start right away, go back to Home.
(fig. 1)
Fig. 1
(fig. 2)
Fig. 2
(fig. 3)
Fig. 3
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