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Organize Your Tools
By: Tim Courtney

Not much of a tutorial, but more of a quick tip. Its a lot easier to keep all of your LDraw tools in one place. New users can get overwhelmed with everything to download, all they need is to lose track of where they put it all. Here is how I store my LDraw programs:

Tim Courtney's LDraw directory in Windows Explorer

I put all of my individual tools underneath my LDraw directory, in subfolders according to their name. When I download a new tool, I save it to its subfolder underneath the LDraw directory. All of the files get extracted or unzipped to that folder, so I'll always know where that program is located.

Another good idea is to organize your Models folder. One thing a few people have done (and I do too) is create an 'authors' subfolder underneath the 'models' folder. This way, when I download others' creations, I save it in a folder with their name under 'authors.' That's how I keep everyone's creations straight. I even create subdirectories for my models, and that's especially helpful if the model is made up of multiple files.

This may be a lesson in 'Obvious 101' for you old-timers. But, for the newcomers, I hope it has been helpful and I hope it makes it easier for you.

Tim Courtney is the website coordinator for LDraw.org

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