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Configure Your Context-Sensitive Menus
By: Bram Lambrecht

Here are instructions how to configure Windows to recognize LDraw model files as a MIME-type and instruct it to launch the model file with several popular Windows LDraw utilities. You can configure the LDraw file with Windows to open with one of several applications when you right-click it in a program like Windows Explorer, or have it work with LUGNET which serves up LDR content to a web browser. This is convenient if you use several LDraw tools such as MLCAD, L3Lab, LDView, LDLite, etc.

When you right-click an LDraw file, you will be able to launch it in any LDraw editor or viewer you configure with these instructions. This is a very useful and convenient tool.


Step 1:
Launch Windows Explorer

Step 2:
Click View>Folder Options

Step 3:
Choose the File Types tab.

Step 5:
Click the New Type... button.

Step 6:
Enter information as above in the dialog window. The MIME type must read application/x-ldraw, and the default extension is .ldr.

Step 7:
Under the Actions pane, you can select different programs for the LDR file to load into. Click the New... button to create the first one.

Step 8:
All you need to do here is choose the application to open the LDR file with, and the path of the program on your hard drive. This image shows MLCad as the example. Complete one of these new actions for each of the utilities you want to launch the LDraw file with. Note: this only works with Windows utilities, not DOS ones.

Here is a sample Actions menu.

Step 9:
Set a default action to launch the LDraw file with. When you double-click an LDR file on your computer it will launch with this program. When you are using Netscape, content from the LUGNET DAT groups will launch the default program and display the file.

Editor's Note: The LUGNET newsgroups for LDraw files still refer to the original file extension, DAT. LDR files and DAT files only differ in the extension, none of the internal format is different.

Bram Lambrecht is a long time LDraw user and contributor. He wrote the LDraw and LEdit Tutorial and also has presented LDraw topics at a number of LEGO fan events.

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