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Reference: Tutorials

Welcome to the Tutorials section. Here you can learn techniques to enhance your proficiency with various LDraw tools.

The tutorial section is constructed in a unique way to allow for easy expansion and addition of topics. We always have someone working on a new tutorial for Courses are divided up into the following categories: Modeling, File Format Conversion, Rendering, Animation, and Parts Authoring. Within those categories there are levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Those levels are denoted by their number - tutorials within the 100 group are for beginners, 200 intermediate, and 300 advanced. So, for example, Rendering 101 is the most basic Rendering tutorial we have.

For more information on contributing to the Tutorials section at, see the bottom of the page.

Tips and Tricks
These quick pointers will help you on your way to a smoother LDraw experience all-around.

Organize Your Tools
Organizing where you save the myriad of LDraw related tools is easy, and keeps them all in one place so they're easy to access.

Freeform Camera Positioning with MLCad, L3P, and POV-Ray
Learn how to position the camera in these three utilities to get the most out of your 3D models.

Configure your Context-Sensitive Menus
Set up Windows to launch an LDraw tool of choice by right clicking on an LDR or DAT file.

Learn the essentials of putting your LEGO models into the LDraw format using a variety of LDraw-based editing programs.

LDraw and LEdit Tutorial
Learn to use the original DOS LDraw tools with Bram Lambrecht's very popular and easy to follow tutorial.

File Format Conversion
Learn about converting file formats, the necessary link between Modeling and Rendering, and how to use the features of popular converters to your advantage.

Conversion 101 - Converting LDR Files to POV Files for Rendering
Jeroen de Haan and Jake McKee give users an introduction to converting LDraw files for rendering in POV-Ray.

Orient yoruself with the many complexities of creating high quality rendered models and scenes of your LDraw creations.

Rendering 101 - Creating High Quality Building Instructions
Jonathan Knudsen illustrates how to use MLCAD, L3P, and POV-Ray to create renderings of building instructions.

Take rendering to the next step and create movies of your LEGO models.

Animation 101 - Simple Movement: Object Movement
The first in a series of animation tutorials by Ahui Herrera using LDraw and POV-Ray.

Animation 102 - Simple Movement: Camera Movement
The second in a series of animation tutorials by Ahui Herrera using LDraw and POV-Ray.

Animation 103 - Step Movement
The third in a series of animation tutorials by Ahui Herrera using LDraw and POV-Ray.

Parts Authoring
Learn how to create your own LDraw parts and how to submit them to the Parts Tracker for inclusion in our official updates.

Introduction to Creating LDraw Parts
A few parts authors' writings on the subject, copied from the original LDraw FAQ question, 'How can I create a part that is not yet in LDraw?'


Help Out! Write Tutorials for

We're looking for more good tutorials for the site to help out our new users and users who want to learn more. If you enjoy using the LDraw system of tools, this would be a great way to give back to the community! Tutorials only take an evening or two to write, so you're not killing yourself with a time commitment. Look on the right for the list of topics we're looking for.

The other cool thing is, no web skills are needed to write! Write your tutorial in plain text format, spacing out paragraphs, and zip up any images you create when you send it in!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, drop Tim Courtney a line and let him know! Thanks!!

We're Looking For These Tutorial Topics:

How to make images of your models for building instructions, web publications, and print media.

How to create photo-realistic renderings using L3P and POV-Ray. (step-by-step for beginners)

How to use the LGEO Library for better renderings.

Animations with POV-Ray

Creating Scenes in POV-Ray

Using Multipart files in your model - MPD

Introduction to Parts Authoring

Optimizing a model for creating building instructions

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