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Help FAQ

Here's a list of frequently asked help questions. Currently the FAQ supports Windows only.

Is LDraw available for the Mac?
You should check for the latest Mac development news on the LDraw for the Macintosh Campaign site. Please do not send emails to the Help Desk asking about Mac availability, it will be announced here when it is available.

How do I get LDraw to run on my computer?
When you download LDraw (ldraw027.exe), you are downloading the original program made available in 1996. The .exe file itself is an 'archive' or grouping of files in one file, similar to a .zip file. You need to follow closely the instructions on Step 1 of the Get Started: Windows section of the site. Be sure to run the program from a command line, and NOT by clicking on it! If you click on it from a folder window, you will end up having to press the 'y' key an awful lot. There's a reason for the instructions!

After you've run the file and extracted (unpacked) the archive file into your folder, you should be sure to finish the steps on the Get Started: Windows page. You should also consult the program documentation or a tutorial. Check the Reference section for tutorials on how to get started.

Do I really have to download complete.exe to get the parts?
Yes. There are over 1400 parts in the LDraw library at this time. Most of them come in complete.exe. Some of the original parts come in the ldraw027.exe archive.

The part I want is not in LDraw. What do I do?
First, check the name of the part. LDraw has a specific naming structure for parts and it takes a new user some time to get used to. Browse the parts graphically, noting their names. You will most likely find the part you want. If, however, you can't find that part in the entire library, that probably means it has not been written and/or included in an update yet. While we have a large range of LEGO parts in the library, it is by no means exhaustive. Many parts authors write the parts, they are approved, and then packaged in Parts Updates.

How do I convert an LDraw file to a high-end 3D format such as 3DStudioMax or AutoCAD?
Try 3DWin.

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