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Reference: Help Desk

Help Desk

Need help using or installing LDraw or other titles we offer on the site? The Help Desk is here to answer questions you may have. Follow these steps to get the help you need.

Step 1:
Before you write for help...
Chances are, someone has written us before with the same question you have. You should take a look at our Help FAQ and see if your question has already been answered.

Also, there's a group of highly dedicated LDraw fans who discuss many aspects of the software and file format at the LUGNET CAD newsgroup. Do a quick search there to see if your question has been covered.

Step 2:
Title-Specific Support
If you are having trouble with a separate utility (ie. NOT the original LDraw package 'ldraw027.exe' and the parts library), you should email the author of the specific program you are having trouble with.

Step 3:
Fill out the Help Desk Contact Form
Be sure to check the Help FAQ before writing!

Mac Users
You should check for the latest Mac development news on the LDraw for the Macintosh Campaign site. Please do not send emails to the Help Desk asking about Mac availability, it will be announced here when it is available.





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