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Welcome to's new books page! We're excited that the LDraw community has grown to the point we're starting to not only see books that use the software to create instructions in them, but now we're seeing books specifically on LDraw topics! We've put this page up to inform you about what's out there, and we hope it helps you grasp the sometimes challenging concepts the various tools present.

Here are the books available for learning the various LDraw tools. Find below a description of each, along with links to reviews if available.

Virtual LEGO®:
The Official Guide to LDraw Tools for Windows

By: Tim Courtney, Steve Bliss, and Ahui Herrera

Available for Pre-Order Now! Scheduled for publication in May 2003.

The definitive guide to Windows-based LEGO model-building software from the maintainers of

Virtual LEGO introduces you to a suite of software that allows you to create and document computer-generated LEGO models. Written by maintainers of, the official hub of LDraw-based LEGO model-building software, the book includes coverage of popular tools such as LDraw, MLCad, L3P/L3PAO, LSynth, LPub, POV-Ray, MegaPOV, and LDDesignPad. You'll learn how to use these software packages to build you own creations, make 3D scenes, and create building instructions. The CD-ROM contains all the software readers need to get started, all available LEGO parts models, templates for building instruction layouts, a collection of custom models by LEGO builders worldwide, and a gallery of beautifully rendered scenes created by various LEGO fans using the advanced techniques in the book's POV-Ray chapters.

LEGO Software Power Tools
Including LDraw, MLCAD, LPub, and LSynth

By: Kevin Clague, Miguel Agullo (Technical Reviewer Lars C. Hassing)

Available Now

LEGO freeware applications are an important aspect of the LEGO community. Until now these tools, which are created to assist LEGO fans in their building adventures, have been difficult to find, and even more difficult to configure to work with one another. Here, in one book, readers will find steps for installing and using some of the most popular and successful LEGO freeware applications, as well as a CD that contains all of the applications in one simple-to-install program that will let users have them all up and running on their computer in a matter of minutes.'s Book Policies

This document is a work in progress, and is subject to change as needed. Please bear with us as we try to resolve these policies to the benefit of the community.

Due to the unique nature of the LDraw community, we think it necessary to put forth some guidelines and criteria regarding our support and recognition of publications that use or teach tools that are based on the LDraw file format and parts libraries.

The LDraw System is essentially an open project, built upon a file format conceived by the late James Jessiman. The James Jessiman estate owns the copyright for the original DOS software, still distributed under the release ldraw027.exe. All DOS/Windows installations of the tools still require the original package to this day, as it contains James' original LDraw parts. Many developrs have built their own tools which use the format and libraries, and this is the System we know today. is the Official web site for governing the LDraw Parts Library, and the central site for the LDraw System of Tools. is governed by its core volunteers; the people who provide the website space, administrate the website, coordinate the website content, and administrate the Official Parts Updates. These individuals continue to distribute James' LDraw release under the consent and trust of his family, with whom the volunteers maintains regular contact. The volunteers of make all final decisions with regard to what book(s) are considered Official, what book(s) are and are not recognized or Endorsed, and what criteria are established to determine either designation. has established the Publications Committee, which consists of the members of the core team plus two advisors. The members of the Publications Committee are (in alphabetical order):

  • Jacob Sparre Andersen
  • Steve Bliss
  • Tim Courtney
  • Don Jessiman
  • Larry Pieniazek

    This committee will review each potential publication and determine its status.

    Endorsed Publications
    Endorsed Publications are books that have been reviewed by the publications committee, and they meet the following guidelines:

  • Proper perimssions have been obtained for ALL software featured in or distributed with the book.
  • If the book distributes software via CD-ROM or other media, the James Jessiman estate must be fully aware of the authors' intentions and as the copyright holders must either permission to the author(s) and publisher to distribute the essential ldraw027 archive, or the inclusion of the software must be in full compliance with the LDraw license at, subject to's examination.
  • Proper consideration has been given to the document Preserving the Integrity of the LDraw Name, and the text of the book reflects the guidelines in that document.
  • The book meets subjective quality standards in the sole judgment of the committee.

    Official Publications
    Official Publications are books that are developed by or in conjunction with the core team of from their inception, designed to inform and recruit new users, and which carry the vision of the LDraw community. A book cannot be submitted for consideration of Official status after completion. Official books are discussed and conceived in conjunction with the team. Official books meet all of the guidelines of endorsed publications plus:

  • The main subject of the publication must be LDraw compatible tools.
  • The publication must respect and focus on the original LDraw file format and the extensions to it, as decided upon by the LDraw community.
  • The publication must extend and supplement the website in a constructive way.

    If you are considering writing a book on an aspect of the LDraw System, and would like to see it considered official, contact a member of the Publications Committee to discuss the possibilities. Official books will be allowed to carry the logo, and representatives of may make themselves available to supply book content, aid in obtaining permissions from software authors, review works-in-progress, write introductions, or supply cover quotes.

    LDraw Related Books and Respecting the Jessiman Family
    Due to the nature of the informal arrangement between the Jessiman family,, and the LDraw community, we, the core team of, consider respecting the Jessiman family in all business dealings of utmost importance.


    The Publications Committee

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