Apr 1, 2014

[April Fools] LDraw sues Bricklink for copyright infringement

LDraw.org, a system of free software tools for modeling Lego creations in 3D on a computer, is preparing to file a lawsuit against Bricklink Limited, for copyright violation. BrickLink.com is a venue for individuals and businesses from all around the world to buy and sell new, used and vintage LEGO. LDraw.org is furthermore sueing for trademark infringement, unfair trade practices and more, seeking damages for willful infringement.
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LDraw.org, known for its parts library of over 5000 virtual representations of LEGO bricks, which is under continuous maintenance and extension by the LDraw community since 1997, might have decided not to file a legal objection to the use of images rendered from its library in the year 2000 when Bricklink started business, but the organization isn't ready to simply roll over on the intellectual property front, either.

The LDraw Steering Committee (SteerCo) decided to take legal action after Bricklink Limited rolled out new Terms of Service in September 2013. Bricklink appears to also be claiming the exclusive rights to the common naming system for LEGO pieces, through threatening legal action to competitors claiming: "you are using our unique numbering and naming systems for the LEGO pieces".

"It is evident that the online community of LEGO fans supplied much of the data and images and continue to do so to this day and that in the early days of Bricklink many names, numbering systems and even images came from co-existing sites such as LUGNET, Peeron or in our case LDraw" said Willy Tschager, member of the LDraw Steering Committee.

The committee set up policies on third parties capitalising on the considerable volunteer time, effort, and ingenuity represented by the part library and the LDraw System, which give the users almost total freedom in the usage of rendered images. "One thing is making cash with the efforts of others, but claiming it is yours is a total different story and we are going to demand to delete their image and text contributions to the database which have been drawn from LDraw", Tschager said.

In addition the LDraw Steering Committee is looking out for angel investors to back the lawsuit financially. Donation can be made to Peeron.com as hosts of LDraw.org (a Paypal Donation Button can be found in the top right-hand corner of LDraw's homepage). However paying tribute to the fact that LDraw.org is a completely volunteer organization the SteerCo prefers workmanship contribution, such as part authoring, parts reviewing, writing programs or tutorials over financial return.

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Feb 19, 2018
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An updated version of the LDraw All-In-One-Installer, in short AIOI, has been released.

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