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News: LSC: Call for Votes

LSC: Call for Votes
By: Tim Courtney
July 19, 2003

LDraw Community Members -
The time has come to select the members of the first Standards Committee (LSC) [1]. This ballot and these voting procedures have been compiled on behalf of the ad-hoc organizing committee cited in the proposal in [1].

We experienced a slight delay in getting the LSC voting process off the ground. The technical issues have been resolved, and we have a voting system in place. Wayne Gramlich, a respected member of the LEGO community, has agreed to tally votes for us. Votes will also be archived on the server as they come in.

Who can vote?
Because the new website is not public and you cannot yet sign up for an account, we don't have an 'official' membership system yet. Because this membership system is to be open to anyone, and because LSC voting is to be available to anyone who is a member, we are allowing anyone to vote in this election.

Follow the instructions on the ballot page here:


Each person receives ONE block of five (5) votes, which they can use to vote for the five (5) individual seats on the LSC. If there are not five people you want to vote for, you may abstain from using all of your votes, but you may NOT vote multiple times for the same person.

You may not change your vote once you have sent them in. You may not send a second block of five votes (one block per person). If there are any questions about the unique identity of submissions received, IP logs may be used to weed out duplicate vote attempts. We are trusting you will honor this system, please be fair to others and true to the democratic process when casting your votes.

Votes must be received NO LATER THAN 23:29 GMT July 23 (7:59 EST).

Thank you for your interest in the LDraw community and in the new move towards the LSC.

The ad-hoc organizing committee


Questions or comments on this article should be directed to Tim Courtney.


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