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News: Scheduled Downtime and Technical Update

Scheduled Downtime and Technical Update
By: Tim Courtney
July 2, 2003

Here is some information about scheduled downtime towards the end of the week, as well as an update to other technical issues involving

Peeron,'s host, is moving to a dedicated machine at Pair Networks. The move was originally scheduled for Friday, July 4, but now it is postponed and slated for Tuesday, July 8.

There are still some lingering issues from's move from Jacob Sparre Andersen's server in Denmark to late April/early May. Some of these unresolved issues are:

  • MOTM/SOTM - since the MOTM and SOTM run off of scripts written for the old machine, a new solution is yet to be found for running these contests on Peeron. We expect to have the MOTM/SOTM system ready for voting on the June contest.
  • Polls - Polls are temporarily unavailable for the same reason MOTM/SOTM is offline.

    These issues have not yet been addressed because we are focusing our efforts on the new site which will replace the current one. This site will offer these features and more. Currently, we're working at moving content over into the new system and refining a few of the modules so they work the way we want them to. We are doing our best to roll out the site as soon as we can so everyone can benefit from the new system. When we roll it out, it won't be perfect, however we will be able to make improvements based on your suggestions depending on their importance.

    FYI, we maintain a technical mailing list for discussing, planning, and implementing techincal solutions on the web site. The LDraw-tech mailing list is an invitation-only list for people who volunteer to work on technical issues as they pertain to You can read the public archives for the list here.

    Questions or comments on this article should be directed to Tim Courtney.

    This article was edited on July 4, 2003 at 1:15 EDT by Tim Courtney.


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