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News: LDraw community members to present at BrickFest 2003

LDraw community members to present at BrickFest 2003
By: Tim Courtney
July 2, 2003

Come join us at BrickFest 2003! BrickFest is an annual gathering of adult LEGO fans from around the world in Arlington, VA (just outside Washington, DC). So far there are several LDraw activities planned. Come out and meet key people in the LDraw community and enjoy learning and discussing LDraw-related topics in person at the fest!

LDraw-related activities include:

Introduction to LDraw Tools
Tim Courtney,
Learn how to create your own 3D LEGO models with the LDraw system of tools. This session will introduce you to the parts library and to the various programs which use it. It will focus on constructing models in MLCAD for documentation and building instruction creation purposes, and will introduce you to the possibilities of high-quality rendering via POV-Ray and MegaPOV.

Introduction to LPub
Kevin Clague

Introduction to LSynth
Kevin Clague

LDraw Image Gallery
Curator: Cale Leiphart
Cale Leiphart is now accepting submissions for the Brickfest LDraw Image Gallery. The LDraw gallery is intended to showcase the efforts of various people in the LEGO CAD community. It will also give people who may not be familiar with LDraw a chance to see whats posible in the world of digital building. Here are the submission guidelines:

  1. The image or scene must be created using the LDraw system of tools.
  2. Images should be rendered with POV-Ray or similar photo realistic renderer.
  3. Preferred image size is at least 2000x1500 in a high quality file format such as PNG. The larger the image size the beter.
  4. Images can be sent to
  5. Images should be submitted as soon as possible. A maximum of six images will be printed as 18"x24" posters, a few aditional ones wil be made in 8.5"x11".

Questions concerning the LDraw Image Gallery can be directed to Cale Leiphart

Any questions or comments on this article should be directed to Tim Courtney.


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