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News: server status and technical update server status and technical update
By: Tim Courtney
May 6, 2003

Here's some long awaited news on the server situation, as well as outstanding technical issues on the site.

For much of April 2003, was unavailable via the machine which has been serving us for the past several years in Denmark. Every attempt was made to get the site back online in a timely fashion, however, complex factors prevented us from being able to do so on our originally estimated schedule. Our apologies for the inconvenience this unplanned downtime caused.

Because of the downtime on the machine in Denmark, we bumped up the timeframe for an already planned migration to the Peeron web server with Pair Networks. Today, is running off of that machine.

Some yet unresolved issues with this move are:

  • Parts Tracker - the data is being restored and access to the Parts Tracker should be restored soon.
  • MOTM/SOTM - since the MOTM and SOTM run off of scripts written for the old machine, a new solution is yet to be found for running these contests on Peeron. We expect to have the MOTM/SOTM system ready for voting on the June contest.
  • Polls - Polls are temporarily unavailable for the same reason MOTM/SOTM is offline.

    We will make every attempt to resolve these issues in a timely fashion. In the mean time, please understand maintenance of this website is done on a volunteer basis, out of individual techincal volunteers' spare time.

    Due to these unexpected service outages, and some of the internal confusion which occured as a result, we have established the LDraw-tech mailing list to be used for technical issues pertaining to the website. As a result of this, you should see a more coordinated approach to issues as they arise. The LDraw-tech mailing list is an invitation-only list for people who volunteer to work on technical issues as they pertain to You can read the public archives for the list here.

    We're sorry for the lack of communication on our part which has led to many of you asking questions about service outages. We will make our best effort to be more communicative on this in the future.

    Over the next few months, you can look forward to many improvements coming to, including a more dynamic website which will allow us to provide more content to you sooner, and which will enable you to participate more here on Stay tuned for news on our efforts as we make it available.

    Questions or comments on this article should be directed to Tim Courtney.


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