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News: to present at LEGO WORLD 2002, Zwolle, Netherlands to present at LEGO WORLD 2002, Zwolle, Netherlands
By: Tim Courtney
September 30, 2002 volunteers will be hosting a booth at LEGO WORLD 2002, to introduce the public to the LDraw system of 3D CAD tools. The area will contain a hands-on computer lab for event guests to gain firsthand experience, a classroom area with a projector for on-screen presentations, and an information table. LEGO WORLD will be held October 18-22 at the IJsselhallen convention center in Zwolle, Netherlands. Visit for details (Dutch language only).

Tim Courtney, Project Coordinator for, will be travelling from the US to attend the event. He will assist with presentations in English and will be on hand to answer questions and participate in discussions surrounding the LEGO and LDraw communities.

Jaco van der Molen and Jeroen de Haan, both members of the Dutch LEGO club De Bouwsteen, will be presenting LDraw in Dutch and English.

Literature will be available for event guests in both Dutch and English.

LEGO WORLD 2002 is the second annual LEGO WORLD event, produced by LEGO Netherlands, Intertoys Toy Shops, Fox Kids Network, and assisted by De Bouwsteen (, the local independent LEGO fan club. LEGO WORLD 2001 far exceeded attendance expectations by drawing over 25,000 people in its four days.

Questions or comments on this article should be directed to Tim Courtney or Jaco van der Molen.


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