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News: Modeling with LDraw tools might get a little snappier

Modeling with LDraw tools might get a little snappier
By: Tim Courtney
February 6, 2002

A new project developed by Lang Attila D. and Kiss Attila Csongor of Hungary may give LDraw users the feature they want most. The new LDraw Connection Database is a project which proposes a system of connector definitions on the parts libraries to allow the pieces to click together like the actual LEGO pieces they represent. This has been a long-awaited feature discussed periodically among developers but not yet acted upon.

The authors write in the LCD proposal document,

"LCD, if once realized, can solve problems of LEGO CAD software users of connecting parts correctly. When connecting virtual LEGO parts, it is possible to make two kinds of errors: either leaving a gap or pushing the parts inside each other. The correct distance between two parts may be hard to discover exactly, especially when working in three dimensions, for example, in complex Technic LEGO sets. Even if an experienced LEGO CAD builder can connect parts quickly, LCD may add some convenience to his or her work; and for beginners, it seems to be a must."

Discussion has been taking place on the newsgroup. All are invited to join in and share their expertise in the development process.

The LCD proposal document can be read in the Reference: Specifications section of the website, here.

"This is VERY significant work. Building this knowledge into modeling tools would be awesome. People in the past have hinted at ways of doing this and at the vast and powerful new ways of analysing things that would result." says Larry Pieniazek in the LCD thread on

Any questions or comments on this article should be directed to the LUGNET CAD Development newsgroup.


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