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News: Demonstrations at LEGOWORLD 2001 Demonstrations at LEGOWORLD 2001
By: Jaco van der Molen
October 31, 2001

The greatest LEGO event in Europe from 20 - 23 October 2001 in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle (The Netherlands) was a succes! With 40.000 visitors it was the biggest LEGO event ever organized in Europe by LEGO Benelux, The IJsselhallen, Fox Kids and the "Bouwsteen".

There were 3 halls for different shows and exhibitions. One for LEGO with all kinds of diorama's of various LEGO themes, a great statue of an elephant with calf, a beautiful jungle setup with lions, tigers, ostriches, monkeys and snakes and more. Plus the LEGO Imagination Truck! Fox Kids (a Dutch children TV Station) had a big stage with various Dutch artists, music, dance and games.

The last hall was for the "Bouwsteen". Lots of exhibitors, sellers and the demo room for LDraw. It was a pitty that the large TV screen from LEGO was broken for a full presentation, so we had to do it with a normal computer screen. This was more intimate and we could easily answer individual questions. Everyone was so excited about LDraw, MLCad and the community and all of the possibilities. I had to write down the web adress a hundred times, if not more. The most exciting thing to the audience was that it was a free downloadable program. After all; we are Dutch and free things are always popular in Holland :-)

The demonstration of the LDraw system of tools went well. I showed how to build a simple car in MLCad, and also showed other tools like LDLite, LDView and of course rendering the model in POV-RAY. There were 3 computers installed for the people to try it themselves. On these PC's I prepared the favorites of MLCad and put in all parts needed for the car (which I showed earlier in the demonstration). Showing off with my own large models in LEGO and on the computer was a nice thing to do. People understood the value of the programs and community very well and even a few of them would join. Judging the many hits got the past days [1], I would say it was a succes.

Now it is on to the next meeting of the "Bouwsteen" on the 17th of November. There will be computers there as well to try LDraw and related tools and software. We will see if people know it and work with it.

Visit De Bouwsteen online in Dutch.

[1] Editor's note: received near 30,000 main page hits the week of the 14th and the week of the 21st.


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