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News: to hold sessions at BricksWest 2002 in February to hold sessions at BricksWest 2002 in February
By: Tim Courtney
October 25, 2001

Today announces it will be holding several sessions at BricksWest 2002, the LEGO event designed for Adult Fans of LEGO, their families, and children of all ages. The event will be held in Carlsbad, CA, the home of LEGOLAND California. (See the BricksWest site for details).

At this moment there are three LDraw sessions planned. They are:

Introduction to 3D LEGO-style Modeling with LDraw Tools
Session for new users and people unfamiliar with the LDraw system. This will include an introduciton to the parts library, file format, second generation editors such as MLCad and LeoCAD, and Mac and Linux support.

Advanced LDraw Tools: Renderers and Advanced Modeling Tools
Discussion of rendering tools such as POV-Ray, L3P and L2P converters, and advanced modeling tools such as Hose Generator and Bezier Curve Generator.

LDraw Community Roundtable Discussion
Sit and chat with some of the LDraw organizers about the community and brainstorm ideas for the future of the LDraw system.

There is also discussion of adding a fourth session 'Introduction to Parts Authoring' but a lecturer for the session needs to be found. If you plan on attending BricksWest and are a parts author who would be willing to help, please let us know.

Currently Tim Courtney will be attending the event, and we will be working on confirming other LDraw contributors to attend and to help out with the talks. LDraw users and fans are welcome to attend the event and the sessions, and to meet and greet some of the LDraw organizers.


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