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News: Jessiman Family to attend BrickFest 2001

Jessiman Family to attend BrickFest 2001
By: Tim Courtney
May 10, 2001 is pleased to announce that Don and Robyn Jessiman, the parents of the late LDraw creator James Jessiman, will be attending Brickfest 2001. Tim Courtney, Erik Olson, and Bram Lambrecht are planning a talk on LDraw programs, current development, and a question and answer session to follow. The Jessimans will also be involved in the LDraw talks.

James Jessiman passed away in July of 1997 in Wagga Wagga, Australia. Since then the community of users have maintained the distribution of LDraw and have made significant improvements to the community. James' parents have been incredibly supportive of the community since their son's death. Learn more about James Jessiman on the Memorial Pages. invites all LDraw contributors and users to attend Brickfest 2001. This is the second annual Brickfest event, a three day long adult LEGO enthusiast convention held outside of Washington DC. This year's Brickfest is July 13-15. Attendees can register online at (LDraw users/contributors, under Interests>Other please fill in 'LDraw' for a loose headcount).

More LDraw Brickfest news to come as the event draws closer.


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