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Parts Tracker

The Parts Tracker is the system we use to submit files to the Part Library. The Parts Tracker allows users to download unofficial parts, submit new files, update existing unofficial files, and review unofficial parts.

Reference Pages
More information about the Parts Tracker, and parts in general.

Activity Log
View the recent submissions, reviews, and admin actions on the tracker. Very useful for keeping an eye on the Parts Tracker.

Submit New Parts
To submit parts, you must be authorized as an author on the Parts Tracker and have read and affirmed the Contributor Agreement.
To become authorized as an author you must first register with the Forum (it's free) and then send an email to the Parts Library Admin (Chris Dee) with your true first and last names and your username. You must also include the statement "I accept the Contributor Agreement with regards to all past and future contributions I make to".

Review Parts
This is a direct link to the review page. The recommended way to post reviews is to use the Part List or the Quick Lookup to find the part you want to review, and use the Post a Review link from there. You must be authorized as a reviewer on the Parts Tracker in order to post reviews on other author's file. You can always post a comment on your own files.
To get reviewer access send an email to the Parts Library Admin, giving your username and a brief overview of your experience with LDraw.

Parts List
Look at the complete list of unofficial files.

Download All Unofficial Files
Grab the current unofficial part files in one zip file. Anyone can download unofficial parts for their own use. We also encourage you to let the part authors know about any defects you find.
Please remember: These are unofficial parts. They may be incomplete, or inaccurate, and it is possible that when they are officially released they may be changed in ways that could mess up any model you use them in. This is far more likely for Held parts than Certified parts.

A collection of online tools, some work with the files on the Tracker, some work on files from your hard drive.

Review Summaries
Here are links to groups of related files on the Parts Tracker to aid their review.

Train Wheels
Electric Plugs and Related Parts
4.5V Train Track and Related Parts
9V Train Track
1977 Technic Motors

Stats for Unofficial Files
122 certified files.
332 files need admin review.
1319 files need more votes.
1253 have uncertified subfiles.
335 held files.

Operational Status

The parts tracker seems to be up and running.

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