LDraw.org Standards: File Format Standards

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Specifications Main Page

Lists all the different LDraw.org specifications in one page.

Official Library Standards

These documents govern the content of DAT files that are in the LDraw.org Official Library.

Quick reference guides

Guides for various aspects of the LDraw language.

LDraw.org File Format Standards

These documents govern the content of LDraw DAT files

LDraw.org File Format 1.0.2

The current version of the LDraw File Format specification

LDraw.org CATEGORY and KEYWORDS Language Extension

Outlines the CATEGORY and KEYWORDS Meta statements that provide information for organizing and searching the part library.

LDraw.org Colour Definition Language Extension

The specification for the META command used to specify the properties of LDraw colour codes

LDraw.org Language Extension for Back Face Culling (BFC)

Back Face Culling (BFC) file format extension

LDraw.org MPD Language Extension

The Multi Part Document (MPD) file specification

Official Model Repository (OMR) Specification 1.0.3

Guidelines for OMR files

Language Extension for Texture Mapping

This document describes the !TEXMAP meta-statement, which contains a set of commands for including texture maps in LDraw files.

Note: This document is an official LSC specification and/or language extension. Material changes can only be made after ratification by the LSC.