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Welcome to the Community Reviews page! Our eventual goal with this section is to fill it with your opinion, and we'd welcome your contribution. Until then, we have just a couple reviews to post. The latest review is of LeoCAD, Leonardo Zide's cool Windows and Linux LDraw-based editor (with his own twists). Check it out below.

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You can be an active part of the LDraw community by reviewing the software we offer for download, and having it posted here for all to see! Let your voice be heard to thousands of people each week and tell them what you think about varoius LDraw tools. If you're interested, mail us at

January 21, 2002
Check out our latest review on LeoCAD, Leonardo Zide's Windows and Linux LDraw editor. His program features a minifig generator and basic animation support, and is fully compatible with LDraw.

December 27, 1999
A somewhat older review of MLCAD. This information is from late 1999 and may not apply to MLCAD today because many changes and improvements have been made to the softwrae. This review is included here more for historical record than anything. It is not accurate information for today.

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