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Unofficial File parts/787.dat

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File Header:

0 ~Fabuland Roof Support
0 Name: 787.dat
0 Author: Chris Dee [cwdee]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Part
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt



0 !HISTORY 2001-12-31 [PTadmin] Official Update 2001-03
0 !HISTORY 2002-02-16 [cwdee] fixed small overlap when asembled with roof parts
0 !HISTORY 2002-04-25 [PTadmin] Official Update 2002-02
0 !HISTORY 2007-07-22 [PTadmin] Header formatted for Contributor Agreement
0 !HISTORY 2008-07-01 [PTadmin] Official Update 2008-01
0 !HISTORY 2010-11-17 [Philo] BFCed
0 !HISTORY 2010-12-31 [PTadmin] Official Update 2010-03
0 !HISTORY 2011-12-29 [Steffen] prepended ~ to title

Needs more votes. (F)
Size: 8355 bytes

Reviewers' certifications:


Required (unofficial) subfiles:


Circle 0.25

Certified! (ACCF)



Circle 1.0

Certified! (ACCF)


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File reviews and updates:

At Thu Dec 29 13:35:06 2011, the file was initially submitted.
Submitted by: Steffen
At Thu Dec 29 13:40:07 2011 a Parts Tracker Admin edited the header.
At Mon Mar 12 09:40:03 2012, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: novote
bumping this, this file is only here for retitling

At Mon Mar 12 10:10:03 2012, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Philo
Certification: novote
I am not absolutely sure it's a good idea: though difficult to unassemble, it is possible, and then you may use this part alone. I even have an example, I used it as a wedge to lift opponents during a sumo robot competition!!!

At Mon Mar 12 21:25:07 2012, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: novote
Hmmm, using this part standalone never has come to my mind.
I thought that prying off the roof from this would break the part.
Can it be re-attached without harm?
I still like the ~ better.
Philo, you can still use this part standalone -
you just have to dig it up in the "~" list.

The reason of my submittal with adding the "~"
was that this part was kind of "spoiling" my "Fabuland" parts
list in MLCad. I didn't want to see it there.

There are other parts with leading "~" as well which *can* be used
standalone, but they are still in the "~" list.

I think this one should be there as well.

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