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Unofficial File parts/30240.dat

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part image

File Header:

0 Animal Spider Web (Needs Work)
0 Name: 30240.dat
0 Author: Mark Chittenden [Mdublade]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Part
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt


0 !HISTORY 2007-08-25 {LEGO Universe Team} Original part shape
0 !HISTORY 2010-07-14 [Mdublade] File preparation for LDraw Parts Tracker

0 // Created with stl2dat conversion tool
0 // Needs work: Primitive Substitution, Edgelines, close gap at clips backside

1 'hold' vote. (HX)
Size: 283306 bytes

Reviewers' certifications:


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File reviews and updates:

At Wed Jul 14 20:10:13 2010, the file was initially submitted.
Submitted by: mdublade
At Thu Jul 15 17:45:03 2010, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: hold
- contains identical lines
WARNING "30240.dat" Line 3205: Identical to line 3186: 2 24 -35.78 1.552 -65.3 -95.64 1.552 -93.93
WARNING "30240.dat" Line 3206: Identical to line 3063: 2 24 -24.7 -1.616 -67.06 18.38 -1.596 -108.9
WARNING "30240.dat" Line 3207: Identical to line 3053: 2 24 16.15 1.557 -111.2 -26.94 1.395 -69.3

- should use cylinder primitives at the cylindrical net attaching points

- why no BFC?

At Fri Jul 16 13:15:03 2010, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: arezey
Certification: hold
- Origin wrong
- Edgelines need to be recalculated
- Needs primitive substitution

At Sun Mar 10 20:50:03 2013, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: mikeheide
Certification: hold
Please specify the origin that you prefer.
I think the origin is not that bad. Maybe it could be in the middle of the two clips, but it is not necessarily bad like it is now.

At Sun Mar 10 20:55:06 2013, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: MMR1988
Certification: hold
e-mail address should be removed from the header

At Sat Jan 4 21:50:05 2014, a new version of the file was submitted.
Submitted by: mikeheide
Removed wrong edgelines and added new ones by Edger2.
Still a lot to do on this part.

Existing certification-votes were deleted.
At Wed Apr 23 14:15:19 2014, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: hold
the 2 clamps each have a rectangular hole.
4-4edges missing at the cylinder ends.

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