LDraw Related Books

Here are the books available for learning the various LDraw tools. Find below a description of each, along with links to reviews if available. Please note that these books have been written back in 2003! Many of the described programs have been updated since.
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Virtual LEGO®: The Official LDraw.org Guide to LDraw Tools for Windows

Book Virtual LEGO

By: Tim Courtney, Steve Bliss, and Ahui Herrera

Virtual LEGO introduces you to a suite of software that allows you to create and document computer-generated LEGO models. The book includes coverage of popular tools such as LDraw, MLCad, L3P/L3PAO, LSynth, LPub, POV-Ray, MegaPOV, and LDDesignPad. You'll learn how to use these software packages to build you own creations, make 3D scenes, and create building instructions. The CD-ROM contains all the software readers need to get started, all available LEGO parts models, templates for building instruction layouts, a collection of custom models by LEGO builders worldwide, and a gallery of beautifully rendered scenes created by various LEGO fans using the advanced techniques in the book's POV-Ray chapters.

LEGO® Software Power Tools: Including LDraw, MLCAD, LPub, and LSynth

Book Power Tools

By: Kevin Clague, Miguel Agullo (Technical Reviewer Lars C. Hassing)

LEGO freeware applications are an important aspect of the LEGO community. Until now these tools, which are created to assist LEGO fans in their building adventures, have been difficult to find, and even more difficult to configure to work with one another. Here, in one book, readers will find steps for installing and using some of the most popular and successful LEGO freeware applications, as well as a CD that contains all of the applications in one simple-to-install program that will let users have them all up and running on their computer in a matter of minutes.