LDraw.org Standards: Official Library Specification for Sticker Parts

Maintained by: The LDraw.org Standards Committee
Revision: 5.0, 05-Apr-2012


Official standard regarding the creation of sticker parts.

  • The sticker is a 0.25 LDU thin box (or whatever shape sticker is in), without any linetypes 2 (edgelines) and coloured with main color 16. The sticker is oriented such that the top face is at -0.25 Y and parallel with the X-Z plane. The pattern with the hardcoded colours is on the top face.
  • The sticker pattern is modelled by real colours; they are not modifiable from the outside. All printed colours of the pattern must be matched, and the background (non-printed portion) of the pattern must use colour 16. Mimicking a colour by blending in the background colour of the part underneath using colour 16 is not allowed. Since edges are forbidden in sticker parts, colour 24 is not allowed.
  • The name of the part begins with 'Sticker ...'
  • The part number for the sticker file is the SKU from the edge of the sticker sheet suffixed with a single letter. Each different sticker from a single sheet should have a unique suffix. If the sheet contains only a single sticker, or multiple copies of the same sticker, then use the SKU with an 'a' suffix. If the SKU is unknown then the part number is "sXXX" where "XXX" is a number assigned by the Parts Tracker admin.

Note: This document is an official LSC specification and/or language extension. Material changes can only be made after ratification by the LSC.