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LDraw.org File Format Standards

These documents govern the content of LDraw DAT files

LDraw.org File Format 1.0.2

The current version of the LDraw File Format specification

LDraw.org CATEGORY and KEYWORDS Language Extension

Outlines the CATEGORY and KEYWORDS Meta statements that provide information for organizing and searching the part library.

LDraw.org Colour Definition Language Extension

The specification for the META command used to specify the properties of LDraw colour codes

LDraw.org Language Extension for Back Face Culling (BFC)

Back Face Culling (BFC) file format extension

LDraw.org Language Extension for Texture Mapping

Describes the !TEXMAP meta-statement, which contains a set of commands for including texture maps in LDraw files

LDraw.org MPD Language Extension

The Multi Part Document (MPD) file specification

Official Model Repository (OMR) Specification 1.0.1

Guidelines for OMR files

LDraw.org Official Library Standards

These documents govern the content of DAT files that are in the LDraw.org Official Library.

LDraw.org Official Library Header Specification

LDraw parts header format suitable for the implementation of the Contributor Agreement (CA).

LDraw.org File Format Restrictions for Official Parts

Additional restrictions to the LDraw File Format 1.0.2 specification for official parts. Unless contradicted by this document all details within the LDraw File Format 1.0.2 specification apply to official parts.

LDraw.org Official Library Specification for Sticker Parts

Official standard regarding the creation of sticker parts.

LDraw.org Official Library Policy On Embedding POV-Ray Code

Explains why the inclusion of embedded POV-Ray code in Official Parts Library files is undesirable.

Parts numbering scheme for parts with unknown numbers

It should allow to add parts to the library where the part number is not known.

Quick reference guides

Guides for various aspects of the LDraw language

Primitives Reference

A reference for the LDraw primitives in the \LDraw\p directory. Primitives are defined as highly re-usable components of LEGO parts modelled for LDraw.

LDraw.org Localisation Guideline

A guideline for implementing localisations for the LDraw System of Tools

List of Official META Commands

A reference of the META commands that have been officailly adopted by the LDraw.org File Format

List of Known Unofficial META Commands

A reference of known META commands created for use by 3rd party LDraw programs


Various proposals for extending the LDraw format

Note: This document is an official LSC specification and/or language extension. Material changes can only be made after ratification by the LSC.